Kindle Steals: Rewritten 1: Fallacy

rewrittenHey all! NaNoWriMo continues to go well.  I figured I’d try to keep life as normal as possible this month – so I’m continuing to do regular blog posts as well.  I even managed to get READING done!  It was a treat for doing so well on word count this year, to be honest, but still.  I’m happy to have done READING.


A few months back, a friend on tumblr was posting about an author friend needing help getting word out about their novels.  As I’m also an author, I love to support indie authors – so I kept reblogging and spreading the word to my few followers.

I also decided that I’d read the first book in their series to see if I like it.


I require the next books now.

I mean it. NOW.

Rewritten 1: Fallacy

So, I figured I’d let the description from Amazon tell us some about the book.

“Born to the vivid heat and unyielding sunlight of Phoenix, Ray dives into her pool and surfaces in a cold lake.

There is no sun in Qol. She has no family. Ray has never existed–only Laenyn.

Or so the mad scientist claims. But her younger sister, older and yet smaller than she ought to be, seems to remember their life rather differently…

In the world of Rewritten, information is hoarded. Any false move or lapse of judgment could have dreadful ramifications. Each character has their own lies to tell and secrets to keep, and the struggle to cooperate despite drastic differences in their own perceptions of their world and situation sends every one of them into danger.”

That managed to hook me.

What I Liked

There was a lot I absolutely loved about Fallacy.  I really enjoyed the color system and the fabric system, it gives a unique atmosphere to the books.  It really was a different world in the books and Bauman succeeded in making world entirely unlike our own.  Qol has that interesting caste system, people who essentially secrete the colors associated with them, the grass is red, there’s poisonous mist that comes from the lake, monsters that attack the cities.  Bauman really jam packs the novel full of details and information – but not in an overwhelming way.  The information is slowly given to the reader.

Another thing I liked were the characters.  While there are only female characters (read the book to find out why!), we have a very diverse cast.  Ray, who is ten years old, is our main character.  She is described as very angry to start – but that fades away more to a general confusion and frustration with her situation. Which is entirely understandable and exactly how most ten year olds would react.  Laenyn is our other main character, she is twenty years old, extremely duty driven and rule bound.  There is a bit of mystery surrounding both of them, which is great.  We also have Haven – who is Ray’s younger sister and Laenyn’s daughter.  Kind of.  She’s six years old and seems to be quite clever and good at following the rules.

What I liked the most about this novel was how much it hooked me.  Fallacy is a quick read, no questions there.  But it seemed to go faster because I was invested in the story and it had its claws firmly in.  I was about 85% done when I realized I wanted the sequel right then and there.

Things I Didn’t Like as Much

There were times that I thought both Ray and Haven were a little more precocious than was realistic.  I flip-flopped on this a lot, sometimes I thought that kids are smarter than we give them credit for, other times I thought it was hard to believe that Ray was talking about prejudice so coherently.  It wasn’t enough to pull me out of the novel, but it still makes me think.

I wish there had been a bit more explanation of what Jauge did – though I’m almost certain that will get answered in another novel.

There really wasn’t much that I disliked with this novel.


Morgan Bauman’s Rewritten 1: Fallacy is an exciting young adult fantasy read.  I would recommend it to all fans of the fantasy genre – especially ones who like a bit of mystery mixed in there.  It’s a quick read that keeps you wanting more.  It’s only $2.99 on Amazon – which really is a steal of a deal.   And you can find the rest of their books here!  I’ll be giving it 5/5 stars on Amazon

~LL Lemke


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