Why Loki is my Favorite Marvel Movie-Verse Character

LokiThor2Hey all! Sorry for the period of radio silence there.  I was busy winning NaNoWriMo.  That’s right.  I actually WON this year!  First time ever!  It was also the boyfriend’s birthday this weekend, so I was off celebrating with him.  It was a great weekend of relaxation.

We also went and saw Thor: The Dark World this weekend.

Which is where this post is coming from.

So I’ll go ahead and say this now – there will LIKELY be spoilers for Thor 2 in this post.  If you haven’t seen the movie and dislike getting spoilers – tread with caution.  That was your fair warning!  ON TO THE POST!

So…you’re a part of Loki’s Army…

Indeed I am.  I’ve been a part of Loki’s Army since reading about Norse mythology when I was a kid.  I loved him in the Everworld series.  He’s been one of my favorite deities for quite a long time.

Granted, I never really got into comic books when I was kid – I didn’t even really know he was in comics until I started playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance way back when.  I never really got into comics.  I wish I had, but there wouldn’t have been a way for me to get a hold of them.  Not until I was in college.  That’s when my home town got a comic book shop.

So yes.  Part of Loki’s Army.

So you think he’s some sort of misunderstood baby who just needs love? Why DO you actually like him?

Hell no.  Loki is DANGEROUS.  As HELL.  I’m not one of the ones who thinks he needs a love to fix him.  There’s something off down deep enough that he’d need a lot more than love to be ‘fixed’.


I like Loki because he’s an absolutely fascinating character.  I have a thing for characters who can lie well, who are a bit genre savvy, manipulative, things like that.  Loki falls straight into that category for me.

You see him go from this young, misunderstood (yes, in this case), approval seeking demigod.



Into a man who is dealing with familial betrayal (at least in his mind), a hefty inferiority complex, and a whole slew of other problems.  He had always been in his brother’s shadow.  All he wanted was his father’s approval.

This of course, drove him to do terrible things.

He betrayed the people who had raised him, killed his biological father (though I think in mythology Laufey was his mother?), and nearly started a war that had been quelled for ages.


And that’s BEFORE The Avengers.

And BEFORE Thor: The Dark World.

So you like villains?

We’ve covered this before, yes.

But I don’t just like villains.  I like well-written characters who have interesting motivations.  I like that deep down, Loki was still trying to get his father’s approval.  That because Odin said, repeatedly, “You were both meant to rule”, Loki latched onto that.  That he’s still trying to be Thor’s equal.  That all he’s really wanted is to be Thor’s equal – and he’s set out to prove that in any way possible.

And what broke my heart in Thor: The Dark World was how he was acting like the younger brother who was always shunned away, never allowed in all the games.  This time he was finally allowed on the adventure…and he was excited.  Even if he was in handcuffs for the most part.  Granted…I’m still trying to decide if that was genuine excitement or just a carefully crafted ploy…

Jury’s still out on that.   I’ll decide after I give the movie a second watching.

So reasons I like Loki? He’s a multifaceted character, he’s interesting.  I don’t always know what he’s going to do.

How do you feel about Loki?  Is he a favorite for you?  Do you hate him? Why?

~LL Lemke


10 thoughts on “Why Loki is my Favorite Marvel Movie-Verse Character

  1. I adore Loki — although I suspect a large part of that can be attributed to Tom Hiddleston’s brilliant portrayal of him. I never read much Norse mythology growing up (Greek all the way, baby!), so I didn’t know much about him until I saw the first Thor (beyond that he was the God of Mischief, obviously). I think the reason I like him is that he just has FUN. There’s something really fascinating to me about a clever, witty character that does whatever he wants, damn the consequences … and has a genuine blast doing it.

    • I won’t lie, Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki REALLY helps with the whole adoration thing. I read both Greek and Norse, I just liked reading about mythology.

      Similar fascination on my end. It would take a lot for me to dislike him as a character.

      Thanks for weighing in ^_^

  2. First off, congrats on winning NaNoWriMo… I know exactly how hard that can be. I don’t think I’m committed to writing that much in such a short period. Don’t think I have it in me yet. Maybe next year.

    Moving on… Loki is awesome! I don’t know anybody who doesn’t love him. A big credit to Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of the Trickster but the dude is an awesome character to start with to get that kind of response out of Tom Hiddleston. Great article!

    • Thank you very much! NaNo is a great experience. This is the first time I’ve managed to ‘win’. But part of it was a huge amount of inspiration, reminding myself that yes, I can write 2000-3000 words a day without much effort, and really, REALLY wanting to achieve my goal. I wish you luck next year!

      I’ve seen some people that don’t like Loki as a character, mainly on tumblr. Most love him, some don’t. And thank you!

      • Yeah, I hope so too… It’s not that I don’t think I can write 3000 words a day. I know I am capable. Its just finding the inspiration and having that will-power to sit and do that. You see, I’m a very lazy guy when I’m not motivated. But when I am, I can write crazy amounts in a day.

        • I know that feeling entirely. Even when I haven’t won NaNo, I’ve been pleased with what I got out of the experience. I wound up with great novel ideas, one of which I’ve published. Another of which is published later this month!

          But yeah, the being motivated really helps. I was chomping at the bit to start this year and I think that really helped as well.

          • Well I have managed to get a good novel idea from it which I am currently writing but at my own pace. Do you think it would be a good idea to publish a chapter a week on my blog for people to read or should I just write it all and then publish it all together?

            • I used to publish one chapter at a time when I did the original draft of Opus Aria. It’s all still posted on deviantART if you want to see the terrible first draft of that novel XD

              but its entirely up to you. I usually post teasers and excerpts now to get interest going in the novel, in fact, I should be recording an excerpt of Convergence Point for the blog. I’m a lazy beast today…

              I’d say enough to get people interested – especially if you plan to publish (whether its traditionally or self-published) in the future.

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