Character Songs

loki_write_kneelHey all!  Things are going well in my neck of the woods.  The boyfriend and I are going to a Halestorm concert tonight – which I’m quite excited for.  Especially since my migraine finally decided to go away (kind of).  It had been hanging around for two days.  So I’m glad it’s gone.

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So I decided to do a fun little post in between my big important deadline work.  Character songs.  This is something I’ve toyed with doing before – I know I’ve shown songs that I associate with certain novels.  But that was a long time ago…and I’ve changed my mind about some of the songs.

I’m not going to go with all of my characters (we’d be here FOREVER).  We’ll just go with some of my more recognizable ones…or ones that I’m working with a lot.  It’ll give you some neat insight into their minds!  And probably mine too…

Aria Brayton

Aria is a character that’s near and dear to my heart.  She’s the protagonist to Opus Aria…and is the first novel character that managed to be in a completed novel.  So I’ve known her a really long time…since 2009.  She’s gone through several changes, some in personality, but mostly in her character arc during Opus Aria.  A song that I’ve come to associate with her is Nobody’s Hero by Black Veil Brides (live version, caution, he curses at the beginning).  It just suits her.  Completely.  She doesn’t view herself as a hero.  And she never would have.  Though she is not an only son.  That part does not suit her.

The other song that still defines her is Jillian (I’d Give My Heart) by Within Temptation.  This has been one of her songs since 2011.  Maybe earlier.  I can’t remember.  But its been defining her for so long.  Everything about it makes me think of Aria.

John Stratton

Stratton was harder for me to pick songs for.  I’m just starting to write his narrative in Opus Crescendo and Opus Requiem…but I’ve had a great understanding of his character for a long time.  The first song I picked for him was The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy.  There’s a lot in there that suits him.  Especially that line about ‘vintage misery’.  That suits him, Darien, Eli, and Marianna very well.

Jiyuu no Tsubasa wasn’t a song that I originally pictured with Stratton.  There are parts that are extremely specific to Attack on Titan and that’s fine.  But the overall message is one that I picture with Stratton.  Because he’s the type to keep fighting even once everyone else has died.

Darien Marcellus

I had a huge playlist of songs that I associate with Darien back when I was writing Opus Prelude. But now that I’m not actively writing her, it was MUCH HARDER for me to think of songs that I associate with her.  One that I always have is House on a Hill by Kamelot.    I think its more of the sound and feel of the song…and how I’ve interpreted it as well.  But it’s one of her songs.

Another of her songs is Theme of Elle from Silent Hill Homecoming.  This is a little more deliberate and obvious, I think.  “In my mind faces keep returning” resonates with me for her.  That just screams Darien to me.  I might have thought of her WHOLE STORY while I was listening to this song.  Maybe.  Just maybe.

Jinto Jameson

Jinto was a lot harder for me to think of…basically because I haven’t written ANY of his narrative yet.  But I know his character and his storyline.  Mainly.  Anyway, the first of his songs is Our Solemn Hour by Within Temptation.  Because Jinto’s storyline extends past the main Opus series…this is a song that suits him.  “Insanity is all around us!” …it’s just a line that fits with his story more than anything.

Same with Naked Arms by T.M. Revolution. “All those dreams, all of my hope, all life come undone. In a world beaten and broken I can see a rising sun!”  Those are lyrics that suit his later story…and possibly the end of Opus Requiem.  (Since that book hasn’t really been written yet, I’m willing to give ‘spoilers’.)

Celia Grey

Celia is the protagonist in the (first) Convergence Point book (due out soon!).  Feathery Wings by Voltaire is a song that strongly inspires me to write as her.  It speaks to the side of her that wants to help people…but isn’t always capable of doing so.  Also, that line about the troubles just beginning.  Hmm…perhaps that has something to do with her story.

Progress by Ayumi Hamasaki is a recent edition to my songs for Celia.  The English translation of the lyrics really suit her and Karmalink in general.  Always moving forward.  And always moving forward together.


Cheshire has been with me longer than the Convergence Point story.  His background is spoilers.  His first song is Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife) by Kamelot.  I didn’t even have to think about this song.  This song IS Cheshire.  I can’t say precisely why the song IS him…but it is.  Kamelot in general is REALLY great for writing.

His second song is Silent Scream by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.  This is more of a feel and mood of the song that suits him.  The words do to an extent.  I just feel that Cheshire is almost always silently screaming about something.  He has all the reasons in the world to do so.

Quentin Marks

Mz. Hyde and Storytime

Quentin is the protagonist of my novel which is (temporarily) titled Never.  Her first song is Mz Hyde by Halestorm.  I’ve thought so since I first heard the song.  I just think it suits the fact that she does not seem very threatening.  She’s a skinny blonde who doesn’t look strong.  But she IS a threat.  And she WILL make that known.

Storytime by Nightwish is her other song.  Quentin is a writer.  So this song is one of HER favorite songs (as well as mine).  It’s been one of the songs I use to get into her headspace since I HEARD the song.


Never…has always had a really clear song that I identify with him.  The Night by Disturbed.  It is his song.  Everything about it is Never.  There is NOTHING about it that isn’t.  And specifically, its a song that QUENTIN associates with him.  I don’t think I actually mention that in the novel, but she does.  In my mind, this is the song she sets as his ringtone.

Another song I’ve started to associate with him is Veritas by Kamelot.  There’s a specific line in it “you will kneel before me and  you will confess that I am god.”  That resonates VERY MUCH with his character.  Seriously, you’ve no idea.

That was a lot…

I was going to include more…but…

yeah.  Too long.

Do any of you have songs you associate with characters?

~LL Lemke