Contests, Holidays, Sales, and Proof Copies!

snoopyHey all!  I hope everyone has been having a nice December.  I’ve been very busy getting Convergence Point ready for publication – as well as MANY other deadlines.  And I’ve been having computer issues.  Perhaps one day I’ll learn to NOT name my computers after characters that do what they want (Loki) or cantankerous characters (Lucy).

So today’s post is more catch up than anything.  I have a bunch of real posts tucked away in my drafts, but I just wanted to touch base before the holidays, especially since I might not check in until 2014!


As I’ve mentioned before, I have a review giveaway contest thing going on!  I’m extending the contest until January 20th.  That way there’s still time to leave reviews on the books.  Check the details at the other blog post!

But I will list prizes.

1st Prize: You will get a signed hard copy of Opus Aria, Opus Prelude, AND Convergence Point.

2nd Prize: You will get a signed hard copy of two of the above mentioned books.

3rd Prize: You will get a signed copy of one of the above mentioned books.


review_emailLike it says on the picture, if I can’t find the email, I can’t email you to inform you that you won!  Right now there’s only ONE person in the reviews who has a public email.

Holiday Sales

My book, Opus Prelude, is going to be FREE on Amazon Kindle (and other electronic devices) the 27th-31st of December.  Think of it as a post Christmas sale!  Opus Prelude can be found HERE.

Here’s a small description of the novel:

Darien Marcellus can feel peoples’ emotions and weirder yet, she seems to be connected to her prior lives. She just wants a normal life. However the arrival of a letter drags her away from her comfortable life and into a world full of underground organizations, a government going for total power, and the secret to her strange powers.
The book will be free, so why not give it a chance?

Convergence Point PROOF COPY!

This is what I’m most excited about, of course! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!

100_7050Look at that gorgeous book!  The coverart is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. Thanks so much emptycicada!

Most of the edits I have to do are on the interior of the book.  For some reason the font is REALLY TINY this time around…which is really confusing!

100_7047I hope everyone has a happy holidays!

~LL Lemke





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