Guest Post: Opus Aria REVIEW

opusariaHey all! Merry Christmas!  Today I’ve got a special Christmas treat – a review on Opus Aria from author Alizabeth Ratcliff.

Here’s the review!

Author Alizabeth Ratcliff review on Opus Aria by LL Lemke

I’ll tell you this, I wasn’t sure of what kind of book I was getting into and I’m not regretting that I did. LL Lemke is a wonderful author and I will be reading any book that she puts out. This world that LL Lemke created is something I thus far have not read about and I’m absolutely in love with it. The characters presented are absolutely breathtaking and you will fall in love with every single one of them, even the bad guys. There are a few negatives about this book, however, I feel that they don’t outweigh the absolute bliss that I experienced. This book is well-paced and before I knew it I was almost done with the book. The ending is so gripping and left me with such emotion that I was crying along with wondering and wanting more. I look forward to reading the sequel to this novel will recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Sci-fi.

Thanks very much to Alizabeth for this glowing review!

I hope everyone has had a lovely holiday so far and I wish everyone a happy new year!

Remember, Opus Aria can be purchased here!

~LL Lemke


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