Happy New Year, Goals, and MORE Facts

2014Hey all!  First post of the New Year, yeah!  I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve and has had a wonderful start to the New Year.  I’ve started the year by getting hopelessly sucked into Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes on the PS3.  Hooray!  I suppose that’s a good way to start the new year!

Like I’ve done the past two years, it’s time to kick off the year with GOALS AND FACTS. YEAH.  It’s a good tradition, I suppose, so I’m going to try and keep doing it.

I hope I can think of ten more facts.


Like I’ve said, I prefer goals over resolutions.  Just something in the wording.

1. Finish Bloodbond (SOON)

2. Finish Never (SOON!!)

3. Write Opus Crescendo

4. Get Opus Crescendo ready for publication in 2015.

5. Strengthen my back and shoulders again so I stop getting hurt at taekwondo

6. Beat Tales of Vesperia


8. Continue the one blog per week thing (total.  I actually succeeded on this last year!)

9. Write a little every day.

The facts will be behind the cut!

Alright.  And now for some facts.

1. I’m an introvert among introverts.  When I most recently did a personality test for work, I scored 78% in favor of introversion.  Whoops.

2. This is problematic because when I’m not writing, I work with people.  Whoops.

3. I use caffeine to manage my ADD and my migraines.  Usually in the form of soda.  I really should stop drinking that stuff, but I like the bubbles…

4. I’m craving another tattoo.  The next one is a toss-up between a wolf in honor of my grandmother and the writing tattoo I’ve been planning for over four years now (The Raven inspired).

5. Music makes my writing go round.  I’m always open to music suggestions, though bear in mind that I don’t really care for rap or country or most pop (depends on the artist)

6. I’ve mentioned before that I wear very little jewelry.  But I DO LOVE IT.  It’s one of the few feminine things I wear.

7. I like cosplaying, but I feel weird doing it because my body type doesn’t suit many characters.

8. I miss college from time to time, especially my writing courses.  I don’t miss the homework in the least…but my writing courses…

9. I’m torn between wanting more piercings or not.  On one hand, NEAT THINGS.  On another…more jewelry…

10.  I get really passionate about things in short bursts.  Like right now, it’s Sengoku Basara.  Before that it was Attack on Titan.  Before that it was Gundam 00.  I still love all the other things, but Basara is shining right now.


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