6 comments on “Gearing up for ABNA 2014

  1. I’ve entered ABNA the past four years … I’m not sure whether I’ll have anything ready for this year, though. I also was thinking it might have been canceled, and then the announcement came pretty last-minute. I’d have to finish up the draft I’m working on before the deadline, but I kind of doubt I could do it on time. So, I’m on the fence about it at this point.😛

    As for title ideas … hmmm, coming up with titles is always something I struggle with. I tend to pick a word or two that I think relates to the story, or some phrase that comes up in an important scene.

    • When I saw the announcement I had a bit of a mini-panic and then started outlining the draft I’m working on. I’d just keep working toward the draft and if you have it done in time, awesome. If you don’t, you still have a draft of a novel in progress.

      A friend suggested ‘Blood Bound’ rather than ‘Blood Bond’, which is a bit nicer. I’m sure I’ll figure something out, I just hate putting titles on things. Too bad its not like poetry where you can slam the first line in brackets and call it a title.

    • Good luck! Unfortunately, I don’t think my entry is going to come together, in that I still have 30,000 words to write. Or so.

      Maybe next year.

      Or I just submit Convergence Point again.

      …well, that’s not a half bad idea at all, now is it…

    • I’m not hugely fond of it. I think its a little too on the nose. Though…I do have some interesting ideas for it as well that play with Bloodbond…

      The title is still in flux =P

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