Coming out of the Fog

FogHey all.  I didn’t realize that it had been so long since I’d made a post here.  I’ll officially say it now.  I didn’t complete anything for ABNA this year.  I pushed myself too hard and burned out a bit.

I took not completing my goal pretty hard as well.

So like the title says, this is kind of me coming out of a fog.  I had been down and depressed for not doing well on my personal goals.  Now I finally feel like I can start working toward them again.

Despite being down, I was actually doing pretty well in terms of professional writing.  I’m a contributing writer over at GERM Magazine.  It’s an e-zine for young girls covering a multitude of topics.  Even if you’re not a girl, you should check it out.  We’ve got some seriously talented people on staff!  And I’ve been organizing the monthly newsletter at Lake Country Martial Arts.

What’s going on

I was working very hard on preparing Convergence Point for publication.  So lets set at date.  April 1st is when I’ll have Convergence Point release.  On that note, I also have the review contest going on.  There are details HERE for that.  As well as the one big stipulation – a public email on your Amazon account!  If you don’t have a public email, I’ll be unable to contact you to ask which books you want.  Which would suck.

I’m also trying to get back in the swing of the Opus series.  I’ve spent a bit of time away from it now and it feels like the right time to sit down and really finish up Opus Crescendo (sequel to Opus Prelude, second prequel to Opus Aria).  Let’s give a tentative mid to late 2015 release for Opus Crescendo.

I have a lot of writing planned out.  More projects than I can logically get to in the future.  But…that’s half the fun of how my mind works.

Basically, I’m back.  Check back later this week for more blogs.

OH RIGHT.  NaPoWriMo is coming up.  I’m not sure if I’ll participate this year, but I think I will.  Everyone loves National Poetry Writing Month.

Good to see everyone again.

~LL Lemke



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