No Longer Exclusive

This was a decision that took me a long time to come to.  My books are no longer exclusive to Amazon.  I decided to release the ebooks on Smashwords – which opens a variety of opportunities for me.  It seemed like the best decision in a professional sense.

So from now on, Opus Aria and Opus Prelude (and starting on the 1st, Convergence Point) will all be available on Smashwords as well as Amazon.

Isn’t that neat?


Opus Aria and Opus Prelude need a little format tweaking before they can make it to SOME of the places Smashwords distributes, but pretty soon I’ll have them up on a bunch of major retailers.

So the tl, dr?  My books will be available in more places. Awesome!

So here’s my Smashwords Page.  Check out the books!






2 thoughts on “No Longer Exclusive

    • thanks! it’s been a long time in the works, but Convergence Point coming out on the 1st really pushed me toward getting everything ready for Smashwords.

      I’m hoping this decision works out!

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