Review Contest Coming to an End

supportindieauthors-2Hey all!  I’d been meaning to post more because, you know, book release.  But I was very distracted because my female British brother was in town and I needed to spend all the time with her.  It’s not much of an excuse, but I hadn’t seen her in person for three years.  (we had a blast, thank you very much)

Down to Business

As the title says, the review contest is coming to an end.  I’m going to say the end will be on the 23rd of April – that gives those who still want to review Opus Aria or Opus Prelude a bit more time.  I’ll choose the winners by random number generator on Wednesday.  It’ll either be early in the day before I work, or later in the day AFTER I work.

Quick details for the contest.

Here’s the page with ALL MY BOOKS.


1. Read the book.  While I appreciate reviews, I want them from people who have actually read the books.

2. Be honest in the review – let the reader know what you thought! I appreciate honest critique!

3. One review per book.  Please don’t use multiple accounts to get more entries. You get two entries if you review both books.

4. You must have a public email on your account for me to contact you if you win.


See that visible email? to win you need one too.

5. You must be willing to give me your address so I can ship the books to you.


1st Prize: You will get a signed hard copy of Opus Aria, Opus Prelude, AND Convergence Point.

2nd Prize: You will get a signed hard copy of two of the above mentioned books.

3rd Prize: You will get a signed copy of one of the above mentioned books.

More things

Alright.  I’ve been really busy lately, but that’s no excuse to ignore my blog.  I have a really ambitious year of writing planned.  Opus Crescendo is coming along okay, Never is over half done (I think), I was hoping for a second draft of Bloodbond by the end up the year, and whoops I started a new project as well.

Of course – there are things I want to get done for here as well.  I want to make a banner for the blog.  One that features all of my published books.

I want to add clips of me reading excerpts from the books to each of the book pages.

I want to add side banner things with links to my books.

There’s a lot to do, I just want this to look professional and polished and make it easy for people to find my books.

You’ll be hearing more from me in the coming days/weeks/things.  I’ll try harder.

Thanks guys, you’re really the best.



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