Quick Writing Tip 1: D20s

100_7183Hey all!  Been a little bit since my last post.  I’ve still been struggling with focus issues (hence why I’m writing this post rather than working on my novel like I’m supposed to be doing right now!).  So I figured I’d do some quick little writing tips that I’ve picked up over the years.

Sounds fun at least.

So!  The first tip?  D20s.  These three are some of my decision making tools.  Sometimes I have trouble deciding things with my novels.  Sometimes a character has multiple actions that work for a scene that are all well in character.  This sometimes leads to me being stuck on a scene for more than is reasonable.

So I started saying the action, rolling one, and seeing what happened.  If there was a high number?  YEAH! THAT ACTION HAPPENED! If there was a low number? Yeah no.

Sometimes I make the executive decision to ignore what the dice chose.  Sometimes I roll more than once to see if the dice change their minds. (Yes, the dice have minds of their own, don’t doubt it.  It’s a rule of having dice.)

You can use them for deciding severity of an injury, whether or not you want to kill off a character, decisions they need to make, actions.  They’re a really versatile tool.  And they aren’t that expensive.  I think the purple and blue one cost me about $1.50 for both of them.

And they’re fun to play with.

Anyone else use dice to help them make writing decisions?




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