Kindle Steals: Rewritten II: Veracity

rewritten_ii__veracity_cover_by_shattered_earth-d6jqae1Hey all! I’m trying to get back up in the saddle for the blogging thing.  I really do have  bunch of them lined up.  I think there’s over ten in my saved drafts.  Some of which I’ve been working on since JANUARY.  Really, the focus issues are doing fine, right? NO.

Its been awhile since I’ve had two book reviews in a row.  July 2013 I think, right after I got my Kindle.

And this is a first for my reviews!  As the cover art says, Rewritten II: Veracity, this book is the follow up to Rewritten I: Fallacy.

So I’m going to go ahead and do this now, if you’ve not read the first book, go read it, it’s amazing.  Then read Veracity and come read this blog.  There may be spoilers for both books after this point, tread with caution.

Rewritten II: Veracity

I’m going to let the Amazon description speak for me this time around, “Lies protect Haven. There are only so many ways to hide–trickery and deceit are her only options. Each time she finds a new family, she knows it will only be a matter of time before she’s found out.

Only one truth has lasted throughout her life: There is no home for someone like her.

She’s running out of hiding places.

In the world of Rewritten, information is hoarded. Any false move or lapse of judgment could have dreadful ramifications. Each character has their own lies to tell and secrets to keep, and the struggle to cooperate despite drastic differences in their own perceptions of their world and situation sends every one of them into danger.”

What I liked

There’s a lot I really liked about Veracity.  I like that focus shifted to Haven in this book.  I also like that we saw places other than Phoenix or Ilonon – we really find out how expansive Qol is.  Of course, knowing how big Qol is and also knowing that Haven is running out of places to go is a bit of a heartbreaking spin.

I enjoyed seeing a few familiar faces from Fallacy.  Obviously Haven, but then there were a few short appearances from Wylwon, Laenyn, and even Ray.  There were new characters as well – Cyna, Coinith (shortened to Co), Ky, Miss Starr, the list goes on.  Of the new faces, I think Co was my favorite.  I loved that everyone had weaknesses and strengths and that when they work together they are strongest.  A true pack.

There’s some really nice foreshadowing regarding one of the characters. I won’t spoil it.  It goes as far back as when you first meet them, so pay attention!

I really like that  Bauman created as many new questions as the ones they answered.  But I think the biggest unanswered question is what happens next?

What I didn’t like as much

I flipped back and forth on Haven’s precociousness again.  Most of the time she toes the line of ‘grew up too fast’ perfectly, but then there are times that she just seems too adult.  That’s just me and it didn’t really bother me all that much.  It’s just a minor nitpick more than anything.

There were a few points that I was confused about what was going on – but I think that might have been how fast I was reading.

Really, there wasn’t much I disliked about the novel.

All in all…

Rewritten II: Veracity is an excellent follow-up to  Fallacy.  There are questions that are answered, there are more questions brought up.  At first I was concerned about such a young protagonist, but Haven proved to have an extremely interesting narrative.  I will warn that this is a bit darker than Fallacy, but as you get further into a series, usually it gets a bit darker.  I would recommend this for people who enjoy fantasy with mystery mixed in.  It’s an extremely quick read!  You can find Veracity on Amazon for $2.99!  The rest of Bauman’s work can be found here!

Happy Birthday Moya! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thanks for reading



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