Indie Reviews: Stupid Gay Vampire Book

stupid_gayHey all!  This was a bit of a jump for me.  I’ve never reviewed a book like Stupid Gay Vampire Book by Gali.  Mainly because its gay erotica and I never thought that I’d be reviewing that sort of thing!  However, when I was at Anime Detour, I wound up chatting with the ladies at Red String Productions about Tales of Vesperia and doujinshi.  I saw the books, I got interested. I mentioned I write books and all was happy.

Books were bought, cards exchanged, and I figured I’d review the book when I had the chance.  I feel a bit bad that it took me so long to get to it!

There may be spoilers. You have been warned.

Stupid Gay Vampire Book

Seth Matthews is that rich type kid, at a boarding school, who has a boyfriend who’s a really, REALLY bad kisser.  He winds up running into a boy who he thinks is a girl because they’re so small and pretty.  This boy’s name is Frankfurt Wilson (yes. Frankfurt Wilson. I stared pretty hard at the backcover when I saw the name.)  Everything winds up changing when Seth finds out that Frankfurt (or Furt as he winds up being called) is a vampire.  Kind of a useless vampire at that.

What I liked

I really liked the variety of characters in Stupid Gay Vampire Book.  It was nice to see that the vampires were all really different from each other – both in personality and in powers.  This is going to sound really nerdy, but one of my favorite things was noticing the name Ranmaru – one of the other vampires.  And going “huh, wonder if that’s Mori Ranmaru.  Nah.  Ranmaru is a pretty common Japanese name.”  Only to have it confirmed that he WAS the Ranmaru I was thinking and that Kichihoshi was Nobunaga.  It was a really great role reversal too – I’m used to seeing Nobunaga being bigger and stronger than Ranmaru.

I enjoyed that the point of view wandered through several different characters – really nice 3rd person omniscient.  It’s something that I’ve never been good at, so I really appreciate seeing it well done.  And then get slightly jealous that I’m not that good at it.  And it was nice to be surprised by some bits of the book.  I won’t get into details – but I was surprised.

As for the steamier scenes?  Really nicely written!

What I didn’t like as much

THE LENGTH. I wanted more.  This is probably the shortest book I’ve reviewed and I just found myself wanting more.  I wanted to know more about the vampires, all of them.  I just wanted more.  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the book.  I just wanted more.  I really want to know what happens to the characters in the aftermath.

I guess maybe one complaint is that the ending came ‘too easily’.  Our antagonist was hyped up as quite strong and while there was struggle, I guess I expected a bit more?

All in all…

I really enjoyed Stupid Gay Vampire Book.  The characters were great, the plot was interesting, and it was a quick read.  It left me wanting more.  I can’t recommend this one to anyone under the age of eighteen because of the content.  You have to be an adult to read this one!  It is male/male romance, so keep that in mind as well.  You can find ebook copies here for$3.99.  You can find paperback copies here or here for about $15.  I’m not sure if they get better royalties through their website or Amazon though.  And if you go to conventions, check out their booth, Red String Productions.  They’re really nice people and are happy to sign books!

Anyone else out there read Stupid Gay Vampire Book?  What did you think?




2 thoughts on “Indie Reviews: Stupid Gay Vampire Book

    • It was a fun read – I finished it in a couple hours! I highly recommend it for people who enjoy vampire novels that have a bit of humor mixed in.

      Thanks for the comment!

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