Current Writing Projects and Problems: Part 5

work-in-progress-signHey all!  So lets fill you all in on what’s been going on in my neck of the woods.  I was in Door County for a few days with absolutely no internet access.  I still had mobile signal, so I could get online, but it was painfully slow and not really worth it.  But it was a nice way to recharge.  I didn’t realize I’d been working myself so hard.  I’d honestly believed I’d been super lazy, but in reality, I’m probably putting at least 1000 words out a day.  And while that doesn’t seem like a lot, that’s oftentimes at least half a chapter.

I’m working on stories to submit to literary magazines for money.  And I’m working on some material that will likely be published under a penname.  Since I primarily write young adult, I don’t want anything more risque associated with LL Lemke.  So….penname!

Current Projects and Issues

Alright.  This isn’t the first time that I’ve done a current projects post (1, 2, 3, 4).  It’s just been a year TO THE DAY since I’ve done a post like this.  I’ll try to limit it do what I’m actively working on.  You guys know I’m always working on a ridiculous amount of projects at any given time.

Opus Crescendo

This is the big project right now.  I’d say that it’s probably sitting at about 75% complete right now.  I wanted to get it done by September 15th, I’m not entirely sure that’s going to happen now.  My main issue with this project is that, well, I planned a lot of emotionally trying scenes for me.  I’ve grown really attached to these characters.  Putting them through trauma can be difficult.  My other problem is that I’m not sure it’s going to come together as cohesively as Opus Aria and Opus Prelude did.  Unlike the other two books, this one has two POV characters.

Bloodbond (NaNoWriMo 2013)

This is another one of my bigger projects.  Unfortunately, this turned into a trilogy.  Toward the end of the novel, I realized that there was a lot more to be explored in their world.  And oh boy am I going to explore it.  I paused serious work on the second draft when I realized I didn’t want a THIRD multibook series started and ongoing when I already have two going.

And while I really enjoy Aryne’s sections so far, I think I still need to tweak his voice.  There’s just something stilted about his narrative that I don’t like.  It needs work.

Convergence Point 2

Alright. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.  Okay, I’m definitely getting ahead of myself.  I started writing this book before I had the ending to Convergence Point: where worlds meet sorted out and written.  I’m honestly thinking of tackling this for NaNoWriMo 2014.  Basically, this is going to be taking place some time after Convergence Point ended.  I haven’t decided how long.  At least six months.  Maybe Celia’s 20 now.

But Cheshire will be the POV character.  And I utterly adore working with Cheshire.  He is one of my favorite characters.  The primary antagonist is someone he used to work with at Karmic Sense.


WAIT WHAT? ANOTHER BOOK WITH CHESHIRE? Of course there’s another book with Cheshire he’s my favorite.  This will cover a good portion of Cheshire’s backstory.  Starting with the incident that lands him in Oculus Mentis and probably ending somewhere around a certain traumatic death.  It’ll explore an aspect of the Opus universe that I’ve DESPERATELY wanted to explore for YEARS.

but first…

Opus Requiem

It feels like Opus Requiem is ALWAYS on the list of things I’m working on.  I think it’ll be my goal to have a rough outline of Opus Requiem rewritten by the end of December.  I keep telling myself I’ll take breaks from the Opus universe, but the reality is that I’m kinda always working on the Opus universe.  Even when I’m not.


But Opus Requiem will be fun because it has multiple POV characters. Keiran (who is one of my secret favorites), Jinto, and Madeline.  Stratton might get a few chapters as well.

I’m really nervous to write this book.  It’s the end of a big journey for me, I’ve already been working with the Opus universe for five years.  By the time Requiem is published…I’ll probably have been working with it for seven years.  It’s scary to finish it.

Enforcer Origin

This is the start of a series that might go under my penname but still might get put under LL Lemke?  I’m not sure yet.  It’s a m/m romance story that takes place in a very, VERY bizarre city.  Given the content, I might have to put it under my penname.

I also have a few other stories from private RPs with my best female bro that I might be converting into novels. I have her permission, of course.


I still need about 40 hours per day.  Anyone know how to manage that?  Oh.  And I need to figure out NaNoWriMo 2014.



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