Entering Another New Year: Goals and Facts

2015Hey all.  Been awhile since you’ve heard from me.  Following NaNoWriMo…well, I kind of took a month and  a half off of writing.  Ooops?

It’s the longest I’ve gone without novel writing/short story writing in years.  I think I needed it.  Between having a difficult year in terms of emotional state and finishing three novels and publishing one…I burned myself out pretty badly.  But today I did some writing sprints with my dear tumblr friends and cranked out over 1000 words.  That felt good. (Also, I wrote most of this in January…but am picking this up in March.  The getting back into sprints is still true!)

Looks like I’m back.

I like the tradition of posting goals and facts as my first blog of the new year.  I’m going to continue that.


1. complete 2 novels this year

2. publish Opus Crescendo in late 2015

3. produce some short stories for magazines

4. write a little every day

5. start and beat Tales of Xillia 2 – oh, I kind of already completed this goal. Oops.

6. be better about reaching for help when I need it

7. try and sell my books at a convention


1.  I forget that I can talk to people.  It’s honestly a problem.  Example, I’ll sit around and wonder how a friend is doing – and then not contact them because I forget that I can.

2. I work three jobs and I still don’t have enough to pay off my college loans.

3. Yet I still toy with going back to school for my masters.

4. I am now a 3rd degree black belt in taekwondo

5. I am utterly terrible at public speaking sort of things.  The thing I was most nervous about for my 3rd degree test was the part where I read my paper out loud.  It made me panic the whole night before.

6. I love cosplay but can’t really sew.  I’m going to try and learn some sewing though!

7. Sometimes I toy with learning art well enough to do my own cover art for novels

8. I’m often up until 3am writing and then can’t fall asleep until almost 5am because I can’t get my brain to stop thinking

9. As such, I kind of look like a raccoon because of my dark circles

10. My clothing style is either gothy corset fun or jeans and a t-shirt.  There really is no in between.


So here’s my super late first blog post of 2015.




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