Star Wars: The Force Awakens

SW-THE-FORCE-AWAKENSHey all! I never hide that I am a colossal dork when it comes my interests. Naturally, I was incredibly excited when I heard that Star Wars: The Force Awakens was coming out.  Of course, there was the usual apprehension.  Is it going to live up to the hype? Is it going to meet my expectations? Is there going to be another Jar Jar Binks?

I’ve seen the movie twice now. I’m so very pleased with it. Are there issues with it? Yes – there are always issues with movies, especially one when there’s 20+ years between them.  There’s a lot that wasn’t explained – I trust that they’ll be explained in the subsequent movies. I have a lot of questions, I have a lot of suspicions.

I’m really excited for the upcoming films.  Really excited.


I’m not sure if this is a review or more just feelings I have after coming out of the movie.  Probably the latter. I’m not really good at reviews, even if I try.  I’ll talk about what I liked though, so that counts, right?  Maybe? Possibly?

Anyway…Moving On

I was really pleased by how The Force Awakens had the feel of the original trilogy, while still pushing forward. I enjoyed the parallels, I enjoyed putting things together. And I really enjoyed sitting in the movie theatre and feeling like I was transported back to my childhood.  It was incredible to see in theatres – and I highly recommend seeing it there, and if you can, on an Ultrascreen.  I could have gone without seeing it in 3D, but I don’t handle 3D well.  It gives me migraines if I don’t take something before seeing a 3D movie.

I’m a big Star Wars fan – but I never really got too far into the expanded universe that existed prior to The Force Awakens was announced.  But I did know enough to have a few ideas about what might be happening in the new trilogy.  So the reveal about who Kylo Ren’s father is? That didn’t really surprise me (though why did they give Han and Leia’s son Luke’s son’s name from the expanded universe? That seemed a bit jarring to me).  I’m having fun speculating about who Rey’s parents are – I’m caught between her being another of Han and Leia’s children or Luke’s child.

I think there’s enough support for either of them at this point.

I’m also really curious to see if they label Finn as Force sensitive. I thoroughly think he is.  There were a few moments that stuck out to me – one being when Kylo Ren arrives on Jakku, it seems like Finn is reacting to that, becoming aware of the horrors around him as he feels something very dark arriving.  How quickly he picks up on using the gunner station on the TIE fighter, how quickly he manages to figure out the one on the Millennium Falcon.  The fact that he’s handed a lightsaber and told to use it as a weapon really stands out as well. I don’t remember why the thought is stuck in my head, but I thought you had to be Force sensitive to use one in combat…maybe I’m remembering wrong.

Needless to say, I’m very excited to see where things go.

I want to see how they further develop Kylo Ren, I want to see how Rey continues to grow stronger with the Force (and boy does she know how to use it intuitively), I want to see what happens with Finn.

Who else has seen the movie? What are your thoughts? What do you hope happens?

Hope everyone has had a Happy Holidays!



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