Entering 2016: Goals and Facts

new-years-eve-936219_960_720Hey all! Happy New Year.  I’m trying to be a bit better than I was last year – you know, getting this post up in January rather than months later.  So obligatory goals and facts post for the new year.  I’m working on both Opus Crescendo and Opus Requiem right now.  Opus Crescendo is in the revision process and Opus Requiem is actively being written.

I’m glad to be writing again.

I’ve laid down some structure to help me with that, as well.  I’m going back to my productivity spread sheets. Maybe that will help things a bit more.

So without further adieu…


  1. Publish Opus Crescendo this year
  2. Finish Opus Requiem this year
  3. Try to post 1 blog a week
  4. Write a little every day
  5. Keep to the exercise plan I wrote up
  6. Keep on keeping on.

They’re a little less grand than some of my goals have been in the past. Maybe I’ve put too much pressure on myself, maybe I just need simpler goals. I don’t know. This seems doable. I hope I achieve them. And I wish you all luck on your goals and resolutions as well!


  1. I am perpetually craving new tattoos
  2. I’m starting to crave more piercings, but probably won’t go through with it.
  3. I may dislike the color pink in terms of clothing – yet I would dye my hair varying shades of it.
  4. I’m really enjoying venturing into cosplay weapon making. I’m making a sword in the garage!
  5. I waffle about decisions for ages, but when I’ve made up my mind, I go through with it. Basically instantly.
  6. JRPGs have helped me with my focus issues, somehow the story in them keeps me going through the whole game. Here’s to hoping that trend continues!
  7. I’m often really frustrated between ADHD, depression, and anxiety. They all play into each other. I’m kind of at a loss on how to handle all three of them on my own.
  8. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really as creative as I think I am.
  9. I have serious imposter syndrome as well.
  10. The daystar and I are not friends. I am much better at doing things at night.



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