Drabble Commissions

fanfictionHey all! Alright, you all know I’m strapped for cash at this point. My job really cut my hours and my job hunt is going…uh…interestingly. As such, I’m getting a bit paranoid about money.

So! Drabble commissions!

I write drabbles sporadically for buddies or as gifts. I’m pretty comfortable in the Tales games (Xillia, Xillia 2, Vesperia, and Graces especially). I am also familiar with Gundam 00, Sengoku Basara, Dynasty Warriors, Fate series, Revolutionary Girl Utena, etc. However, if someone explains characters well enough to me, I could probably write on them without much issue.

-200-500ish = $5.  This would be a short one shot, getting straight to the point. I’d say 2 characters maximum for this, otherwise it’ll feel too rushed. Examples:1, 2, 3
-approximately 1000 – $10. This would still be a one short, but one that is more detailed. Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4
-policies on longer pieces to come if there is interest. Rate is looking like 1000 words for $10, every additional 1000 words is $5. Examples: 1

All pricing is subject to complexity of what a person wants and how many characters are involved in a scene.

-I love writing in AUs, if you explain them and give details I’m happy to work in them!
-I am not particularly comfortable writing smut commissions (it’s what I struggle with the most in my writing). I’d rather fade to black. I am not comfortable writing an adult in romantic situations with a minor.
-I am FINE writing ROMANCE though!
-I love working with OCs. As I said above, so long as I’m given enough information about a character, I’m happy to write about them for you. I will do OC/canon, OC/OC.
-if you pay for a $5 commission and I write WAY beyond that, that’s me really getting into it. You don’t have to pay more.
-I am comfortable writing almost anything, but please don’t commission me to write suicide, self harm, or eye gore.
-I only take PayPal. I prefer payment upon completion. How it will work is you commission me, I work on the drabble. When I finish said drabble, I will email you that I have completed it, you will send funds, and then I will post/email you the drabble.

So, if you’re interested, shoot me an email at laura.lemke88@gmail.com with the title of “Drabble Commission.”  Please include:

Name and/or tumblr URL: So I know who you are!
Public or private?: a public commission will be posted on tumblr or my A03, a private commission will not be posted anywhere. I will send it as a PDF or a word document. Whichever you prefer.
Canon you’re requesting from: because yeah. kinda need to know that.
Characters/Pairings you’re requesting: Kinda need to know this too.
Prompt: What you want happening in the drabble. Be as detailed as you want. If I need clarification, I’ll let you know. I love writing AUs, so feel free to give me those in prompts as well!

Commission Queue:
1. also sventmanifest – Double Dejavu awkwardness (Luddy realizing he likes both) (1000 words)
2. second-wings –  Rieze Exia verse, Leia and Ali meeting. Oh yes good. (1000 words)


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