LL Lemke on Patreon – REVAMPED

patreon2Hey all! So I’m starting a new, exciting venue for myself on Patreon. Again. Last time I tried this, I was in a really bad state. I wasn’t really in the frame of mind to be doing something like that – and I hadn’t done enough research. This time I’ve done more research, I’m in a better state of mind, and now I write fanfiction.

It’s strange, I avoided writing fanfiction for so long because I was afraid of it for some reason. Haven’t really looked back since I started though. It’s been helping me keep up with my writing even when I’m having trouble focusing on my personal projects.

Anyway, yes. I’m running Patreon. I’m hoping it’ll help me start working toward a real career out of my writing. I’ve wanted writing to be my career for ages, it just hasn’t managed to take off.

I’ll be offering more in depth writing tips, fanfiction, digital copies of my novels, and in some cases, writing tutoring/beta reading! If my monthly income on the site gets high enough, there will be some cool perks as well! Just because I’m running Patreon doesn’t mean I’ll be neglecting this blog. It’ll just have perks!

Please give it a look and a share.

Here’s my Patreon

Thanks so much,




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