How RP has Impacted My Writing

rpHey all! I’m trying my hardest to keep my content rolling over here. My focus is still sucking pretty hard, but I’m doing better in terms of mood and anxiety, so that’s a big improvement. I have a lot of blog post ideas, though this was a pretty random one. I’ve been writing ‘seriously’ since about the age of 11, with various degrees of success. I’ve always had a lot of ideas, though not all of them actually develop into something useful or usable.

One thing (well two) that I was afraid to get into was roleplay. I never thought I’d get the hang of creating a story with someone, especially since so many people took it extremely seriously. I got dragged into it in about 2011 or 2012 and then more seriously toward 2013. It’s funny to think that I’ve been writing like that for only three years.  It feels like it’s been a lot longer.

I was afraid to get into it because I’m notoriously bad with getting dragged very deeply into things. I was afraid it would impact my writing negatively. I was afraid that I’d stop working on my personal work. I was very wrong.

Upped my Output

My fear about having my novel writing diminished was completely unfounded. If anything, my output increased. Why? Because I’d found a new and exciting way to experience writing. Because when my partner and I would get excited about what we were writing, our speed increased. We could be throwing out 1000+ words a night. I remember tracking my progress one day and it was pretty incredible. Sometimes with my personal writing, I can get stuck on scenes for days at a time, but with the RP scenarios? Suddenly I was writing and writing and writing.

And then my personal writing started taking off too. I just needed to be as excited about a project as I was about the shiny new RP stuff that I was doing.

In short, RP made me more excited about writing, it helped me find joy in writing again.

Genre Exploration

One of my favorite things to do in RP is to delve into alternate universes, AUs, if you will. I loved exploring how the characters reacted when put into situations they wouldn’t run into in their canon universe. It helped me explore the ways characters could develop.

More importantly, it really helped me delve into genres that I haven’t written in for a very long time. I’ve been writing in cyberpunk pretty heavily since 2009 because of the Opus series and its various offshoots.  To let myself write fantasy, or fantastic realism, or urban fantasy, or anything that wasn’t straight sci-fi or cyberpunk was great. It was freeing and inspiring.

But Laura, why not just go into those genres on your own?

Because I was busy! This gave me a fun and relaxing way to dive into different genres and get so much inspiration.

Character Development

This is the big one. With RP, you might have characters that come from a media source, say, Gundam 00. So you have a character with a starting personality. Of course, there’s always a big of wiggle room in terms of initial character interpretation. But you have a starting point. So you can really see how a character develops over the course of an RP scenario.

I think this really helped me in terms of handling character development. I was able to watch and see how the characters I was writing developed with every single scene we did. This gave me insight into how my own characters would develop, gave me ideas on how to have them develop slowly over the story. After all, they need to have a change.

I’ve actually added a few of my original work characters into RP scenarios now. It’s really helping me see how they develop and see their personalities in general. Some of them aren’t characters I’ve written much, so it’s nice to see how they interact with various types of characters. It’ll really help me get to know them in the long run!


I’ve found that RP ha really helped in terms of my writing. It helped me find excitement and joy in writing again. It continues to help me find new ways to develop my characters. And it helps me explore genres I didn’t think I would.

What do you think of RP?



One thought on “How RP has Impacted My Writing

  1. I agree. RP had also impacted my writing. Proved it when I aced an exam in the university that has something to do with writing a detailed story from a one sentence description. I write it fast and super nicely with an ample time to rewrite it hahaha

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