Potential Future Project

20160527_133301So one of the things I’ve been working on for a bit is a potential visual novel. I’ve been a bit inspired by the whole ‘playing through Fate/Stay Night’ thing as well as the whole ‘watching Unlimited Blade Works’ thing.

I’ve been trying to think about what I want to tackle post Opus series – especially since I’m really getting close to the end of that series. As much as I love that universe, I might need a tiny break from it before I finish out Cheshire’s early arc and various other things.

Which is what led me to this visual novel idea. I’ve been wanting to write a diverging storyline for some time now, but I never really had a good idea of how to do so. I’m kind of winging it at this point, but I have ideas on how things will be playing out.

I believe that I’d consider this as a novel like everything else. Meaning, that if you’re pledging $10 or more per month on my Patreon, you’d get a copy of the visual novel (as well as digital copies of my other published works and future publications).

Right now it’s still in it’s infancy.  But it’s coming together quickly. I’m almost done with the character development – just a few more to write up. Then I get to start in on outlining.

It’s really nice to be excited about future projects.





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