July Announcements

note-34670_1280Hey all! I’m back from Convergence and settled back at home and back into my writing routine. Like last year, Convergence was both enlightening and inspiring, so I’m all psyched up to get a lot of writing done.
As such, there are a few announcements.

First things first…

I’m going to be switching to an upfront payment schedule (if it lets me, so far the required checkbox hasn’t shown up). For my existing Patrons, this means nothing. You’ll be billed on the 1st of the month like usual. The only reason it would impact you is if you decide to go up a reward tier. You would be immediately charged the difference and then you would be charged on the 1st in subsequent months.

Which leads to the next part…

For new Patrons? It means that you would be charged right away. Then on the following months you’d be charged on the 1st. It gives me a little more protection.

Upcoming Projects

A lot of writers on Patreon have big, ongoing projects. And I would like to join those ranks. Upfront payment gives me the protection to actually go through with these bigger projects. So – once I have things outlined – I’ll be having a longer fanfiction piece going with monthly updates. And I’ll be having a serialized novel. The rate will probably be 1-2 chapters a month on both of them, so it’ll take a bit of time to get through both stories.

Patrons would have access to the fanfiction chapters a few days before they go live on A03.

The novel will be on Patreon, not A03. Patrons would get it a few days before it goes live for everyone. Once the novel is completed, it would go into the revision process and be published in the traditional sense. So you’ll be getting to see the rough draft (with some beta reading).

Once I get closer to having everything ready/outlined, I’ll put up story and fanfic descriptions and Patrons can choose which ones they’d like to read first!

Happy writing!





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