Writer Quirks – things I’ve noticed over the years

writer-1129708_1280Hey all! Things are going well here. I’ve made a good amount of progress on Camp NaNoWriMo, though I’ll still behind. But I can catch up. I’ve started outlining possible long fanfics for Patreon and have my three ideas for novels as well. My plan is to have them up for ‘vote’ in early August. We’ll see how that goes. After all, I’m working on Camp NaNo right now! On the note of those serials – early access to them will be posted on Patreon, a few days early. Then the fanfiction will be posted on A03 (and possibly Wattpad) and the novel will be posted on Wattpad (and possibly Ao3). Or at least that’s the plan.

And a note to everyone! Suggestions for writing posts close on July 20th! Writing post suggestions can be made HERE. Remember – paying Patrons will have priority on what posts will actually be written.

Anyway, today’s post is one that started bumping around in my head a few weeks ago. Everyone has little quirks, that’s just how it works. But then people have quirks that relate directly to what they choose to do for their career or fun. I’m a martial artist in addition to writing, I’m often standing in a stance that would let me move around easily. And my weight tends to be on the balls of my feet. They’re just little quirks that have popped up because of my training.

So I started thinking about my writer quirks.

outlining by hand

This is one that I’ve started to notice more recently. I’ve tried to work on outlines digitally. But I can’t. I have to write the thing up by hand. When I try to start one on my computer my mind goes blank and I just got of space out. It just doesn’t work. Part of writing is learning what you like and what you don’t like. And apparently one of my extreme dislikes is writing outlines on my computer.

I type them up, obviously.

But the must be handwritten first.

It’s frustrating because in some cases (like the visual novel outline), I’ve handwritten 9000+ words. I really need to be more concise next time.

so many stories, so little time

I’m the type who has many projects going at once. I’ve been told that this is a way to nerf your productivity to a standstill – by constantly switching projects. But sometimes it’s difficult for me to make headway on certain projects. Some things are harder for me to write than others.

But the basic idea is that I’ve noticed I need to get at least the base of the idea down on paper before I jump back to another project. Otherwise I forget it. And that’s a shame because I don’t like forgetting my projects.

But the point is, one of my habits is having multiple projects going on at once. If I have one? I’m liable to start another. Impulse control, in that sense, is not a strong suit.

apparently my interests seep into my stories

One of my beta readers noted this a few years ago. I slip writing careers and book related careers into my novels. All the time. Some of my characters are writers, some of them work in the publishing industry, some of them own book stores. I didn’t really realize I was doing it. Now I’m doing it deliberately.

The martial arts bias is one I’m more aware. I like writing characters who know how to fight, especially with their fists and feet. It makes writing fight scenes fun and easy, since I have a lot of experience in the martial arts. Sometimes it hinders me because I know exactly how I want a move to look in my head but then can’t get it to translate properly…

Silly brain.

But yes, my interests start to seep into everything I write, which I think is true of many writers.

if I’m quiet, I’m writing in my head

Let’s say I’ve been taken to a situation where I can’t write physically. I am writing in my head. Or at least there’s a 90% chance of it. I can’t help it. I start thinking of stories and then I get carried away and then I want to write everything down. At least smartphones exist now, it was pretty screwy when I couldn’t carry a notebook and my phone was, you know, crap.

So many ideas that were probably lost.

Is it me trying to be rude? No. I’m just always stuck in my head, sometimes stories happen as a result.

Though I usually carry a notebook for ‘just in case’ purposes. After all, I want those ideas down on paper.

I have no writing schedule

At all. Whatsoever. Some people work with one, I do not. Since I don’t have many scheduled hours at my job, I spend a lot of time writing. If I’m on the computer? There’s a good chance that I’m working on something writing career related.

Even if that’s just me practicing writing techniques.

Since I don’t have a set writing schedule, I often stay up way too late working on things. “Ah, we meet again sunrise. Good night.”

Maybe one day I’ll evolve to have a writing schedule. For now? Nope.


So there’s a few of my writer quirks. There’s obviously more, but well, we don’t want blog posts to become novels. Usually.

Do any of you have any quirks that are specifically linked to writing?

Happy writing!




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