August Patreon Suggestions Open!

patreon_image2It’s that time again! Writing post suggestions are open on my Patreon. You don’t have to be supporting me on there to give suggestions. And don’t worry – the suggestions are for both premium posts (I’ll be taking from the Patron suggestions for those) and for posts here.

I’m not saying I’m out of ideas – on the contrary! I have a lot of posts in my draft folder and think up more and more new ones. I just like to get feedback on what others want to see. So drop by my Patreon and leave some suggestions!

Later this week (my goal is Saturday), descriptions and summaries of ideas for long fanfics and serialized novels will be up on my Patreon. While they’ll be available for everyone (on AO3 and WattPad), Patrons will get them a few days early. For instance, Patrons will get updates on Fridays, A03 and WattPad would get updates on Mondays.

The fanfics will be around 60,000 words (with one of them projecting to be longer than that). The novels will be of similar length – I’ll be able to give a better estimate when I have them 100% outlined.

So check out my Patreon for more of the content you see here, fanfiction, excerpts on what I’m working on, early access to my work, and even tutoring in writing!

Thanks for all the support~

Happy writing!




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