Long Fanfiction Voting

fanfictionHey all! This post is pretty self-explanatory. I have the long fanfiction ideas up on my Patreon. Anyone can leave input on what they want to see first, but Patrons will be taken into consideration first. Patrons will be seeing the work a few days earlier, then the posts will be made public and posted on A03 (and possibly WattPad).

I’m going to put the summaries and projected lengths on here, but if you’re going to vote and able to vote on Patreon, please do so! I want to keep everything in the same place so I can be organized. Here is a link to the voting page.

If you don’t have a Patreon account, feel free to vote on this post. Thanks in advance!

Lengths of actual fic will vary on how carried away I get on scenes, haha.

So! Here they are~


Choice 1: keep repainting the world into an ideal place

Gundam 00 – CSI AU. Tieria Erde and his identical twin brother Regene Regetta have always been a little strange – trouble connecting with others, avoidant behavior, and a variety of concerning habits – all of that was explained away as them losing their parents in a terrible car accident at age 8. The director of the local precinct took them under their wing, with the twins settling into a career in the crime lab. Tieria’s quiet life is thrown into disarray when he’s brought in to consult on a case with Officer Neil Dylandy.

Projected length: 85-90k

Choice 2: like sugar melting in black tea

Tales of Xillia 2 – modern AU. Ludger Kresnik is drifting through life following a long-term relationship falling apart. He’s half-heartedly chasing his dream of a career in cooking by running a cooking blog and vlog. His roommate, Alvin, signs him up for an online dating site in hopes of cheering him up.

Erston Outway is the young CEO of Outway Incorporated, a business that manages other businesses. He’s very dedicated to his job, to the point that his assistant, Lin, signs him up for an online dating website under a pseudonym in hopes of himrelaxing.

Ludger and Gaius wind up matching on the website.

Projected length: 70-75k

Choice 3: sins of a cybernetic empire

Fate verse – cyberpunk AU. Waver Velvet is a college student studying cybernetic implants. He runs his family’s bookshop when he’s not in class and has started experimenting in creating implants of his own design. He brings one of his finished implants to show to his professor – Kayneth Archibald. He’s told that he isn’t ready to be creating, but that it shows promise. Disheartened, Waver heads home. His quiet evening is interrupted as a strange man breaks into his apartment.

Projected length: 65-70k

Thank you!

Thanks for taking a look at all of these.

Happy writing!




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