Finding Balance

scale-310471_1280Hey all! Things are going well out by me. I’m progressing on my novel outlines and I’m really excited to start work on my longer fanfiction for Patreon. Voting for novel length fanfics is OPEN right now! You can vote on Patreon – HERE. Or you can vote on WordPress – HERE. Voting will close on August 20th with the fanfic starting up in September. I am still working on outlining the novel choices, but they will be up…soonish.

This is a post that I’ve been thinking on for some time, but only put it into my drafts recently. As in yesterday. Balance is something that plays into every single aspect of your life, so it definitely plays into your professional career. In my case, that’s writing.

And I would say writing is definitely a balance game.

too much of a good thing is a bad thing

This is one that I’m still coming to terms with. Too much of a good thing (work) is a bad thing. I love writing. I love creating new worlds, I love creating characters, I love so much about the craft.

But too much writing leads to burnout and burnout means no productivity.

So there’s finding a pace that keeps you moving forward, but doesn’t burn you out in the long run. You have to find that pace that long distance runners have, but for writing.

At that – too much writing can main pain in your hands. And once that pain has settled in, it can be difficult to get rid of. Make sure to take breaks and stretch out your hands and wrists!

work/life balance

I’m always writing. Even when I’m not physically writing, I am writing. Writing has been one of my favorite things for a very long time. This means that taking breaks and finding time for things that aren’t writing can be difficult. But it’s important for balance.

You need to have time for your life, for things that aren’t work. This is another thing that I’m coming to terms with because even when I’m productive, I don’t feel like I’m doing enough because I don’t make much money. Thanks America, somehow you’ve given me the mindset that how much I make determines my value as a person.

Pokemon Go has actually really helped with this. I’m more likely to go out walking and take a break from my work. (Team Instinct forever)

Find the careful balance that keeps you happy and stress-free, but still productive.

but LL, how do you find that balance?

Trial and error. Set up times that you’ll be working, set up times for relaxation. Try not to get bent out of shape if there are spontaneous plans – that’s a break and something fun! Who knows, maybe that trip/activity/whatever will give you some huge amount of inspiration for writing/work/whatever.

If you feel yourself getting stressed out and that the words aren’t coming as quickly – take a break. Your brain might need to recharge. Writing shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth – even if it’s a scene you’re reluctant to write.

People aren’t meant to be working 24/7. You need to make time for yourself, for other people, for fun.

How else are you going to find that inspiration, right?

and in conclusion…

Balance is still a work in progress for me. I have to find a way to balance novels, short stories, Patreon writing, writing for here, RP post writing…and everything else I do in my life. You know, important things, like eating. And chores.

Life is balance. It’s an important skill for anyone in any career to learn. So here’s to all of us learning how to balance our professional lives with our personal lives.

Anyone have any good suggestions for balancing life and work? How to make sure you don’t burn out?

Happy writing!

I am pleased to announce one more thing. Write the Stars – an online writer’s workshop. Join us and help others improve their writing while improving yours! Come check us out.

write the stars




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