NaNoWriMo 2016 Finish Line

nanowrimo_2016_webbanner_winner_congratsHey all! I had meant to do more posts during November, but it got a little crazy for various reasons. That whole ‘sleeping through a weekend’ business put a damper on things. Then there was a busy weekend with a concert and a wedding…there was a lot of stuff going on in November. Oh, and Thanksgiving.

But as the banner says – I made it to 50k! My novel isn’t complete yet, there’s still five or six chapters left to write that I’ll be finishing up in the coming days (but at a slightly more leisurely pace).

It was strange this year – I wasn’t updating every day. In the past it’s been very easy for me to write every single day. This year? Not so much. I think it was how busy everything was. I’d get a buffer going, then not write for a handful of days. I’d either be at word count or just behind so I was able to keep at it. I’m always one for promoting regularity and momentum with writing, but apparently I was able to keep momentum despite not writing every day?

That was a change.

I was definitely feeling the loss of momentum on some days, though those very well could have been more difficult scenes to write. There were several scenes that were hard for me to write this time around – some of which fell under the umbrella of ‘I’m not sure this scene works like I thought it would’ and others of which were ‘I know I need to do the thing but I don’t wanna’. That’s an important distinction for me to make. Any scenes that felt like they were dragging can be changed in the revision process.

Right now I’m just proud of what I accomplished during the month. Across all my different projects, my writing tracker (from October 31st to November 27th) has 57,000~ words clocked. This doesn’t count everything I do – some of them I forgot to track and some things I just don’t track. It was a very productive month and I’m proud of all I worked on.

I did wind up slacking on a few things that I shouldn’t have been slacking on (this blog, a long term fanfic, planning for a long term serial…). But I didn’t want to stretch myself too thin or stress my hands out too much. It wouldn’t do any good if I wrote so much on all my projects that the final two weeks of November my hands wouldn’t move. Pacing is important.

So here’s to everyone who participated in NaNoWriMo 2016. We all did incredible – and I’m really proud of anyone who attempted. Whatever was written during the month is an accomplishment – they are words you didn’t have before then.

I’m looking forward to working on projects that aren’t Opus related for once. It’ll be strange! Of course, Opus Crescendo will be getting final things before publication and then I’ll be diving headfirst into revising Opus Requiem… But my point stands! For a period of time, I won’t be working so much on Opus as I will be other projects. I’m excited to work on those other projects!

Happy writing!



2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2016 Finish Line

  1. I’m in the same place with my draft for the month. I wrote all the “fun” parts and I thought the harder parts would be easier later. They aren’t. My word count is all sludge now. Thank goodness I got the word count in early. Otherwise, I’d never complete at the rate I’m going right now.

    Congratulations on winning, btw.

    • I was rocketing through really early in the month and then hit a point when I realized the *hard* scenes were coming. And then I started dragging my heels…

      But thank you! And congrats to you as well!

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