A Couple Things to Remember as a Writer (Part 7)

type-1161954_1920Hey all! It’s been a bit since I did a post in this series. I will continue to love this series forever and ever because it 1.) allows me to vent some of my frustrations with writing and 2.) hopefully help others avoid some of the annoying parts of writing. Also, sometimes they help me get through the issues, so hooray!

I’m just glad that I’m returning to this series sooner than the last time I ignored it for a bit, haha. Sometimes I repeat things, but that happens. There’s been a lot of these posts now! (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6)

reading is not the only media out there

There’s a lot of posts out there (mine included) that mention reading a lot. And that’s really important for writing stories and novels, but it isn’t the only source of storytelling. With Netflix being a big thing now, you can binge watch a show and really see how the story arc of the show is shaped. There’s a lot of really in-depth shows out there – movies too.

Challenge yourself and try to outline the plot for one of them!

And I’m not just saying American shows and movies. I get a lot of inspiration from anime. So read a lot of things, watch a lot of things, play story heavy games, listen to stories too! There’s a lot of medias that include storytelling, so why limit yourself to just books?

formatting is far more important than you realize

This goes more into the final touches of the writing process for me. Formatting is the bane of my existence. Without a doubt, I have spent the most amount of time frustrated with formatting when I’m getting ready to publish something. One reason is that I’m really picky with how everything looks.The other is that I basically taught myself how to do formatting for ebooks and paperbacks. There are a lot of things that you can teach yourself – formatting is kind of one of them.

Right now I’m getting the Opus omnibus document ready and I’m looking back at my complete and utter lack of formatting in Opus Aria and wanting to cry. Because that is  so much work that I could have avoided had I just done the formatting properly the first time around.

So research about formatting your document! Make things easy on yourself. As my mom has said, “work smart, not hard.”

don’t be afraid to fail

Writing is one of those really competitive careers. If you’re submitting to literary magazines, there’s a good chance that you’re going to get rejected a few times. If you’re shopping literary agents, there’s a good chance you’re going to hear a lot of the word ‘no’.

And that’s okay.

Each one of those failures is a learning experience. It doesn’t mean you aren’t good, it often means that you weren’t the right fit for the magazine or literary agent. The worst that can happen with submitting is the magazine or agent saying ‘no’.

But failure can be applied to other things as well – like trying new genres. Don’t be afraid, just do it. Just start working on it. Dive in head first. Trying new things can help you grow as a writer.

And the worst thing that can happen? You don’t like what you wrote. But you can still re-purpose that idea into something else.

that’s all for now…

Like I said, these posts are some of my favorites because they help remind me to do things as well, like not being afraid of failing. And that you can get ideas for how plot is structured from different mediums.

It’s weird to think that 2016 is so close to ending. The years go by faster and faster, I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Anyway…getting off of that topic, here’s a little bit of writing inspiration that I made earlier this evening. (originally posted on my tumblr!)



And on that note…

Happy writing!


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