2017 – goals and facts

good-year-1911507_1920Hey all! First blog post of 2017. I’m going to make that typo (typing 2016 instead of 2017) so many damn times it’s not even funny. I’ve already corrected it twice in this post. Maybe I’ll keep a running tab. Probably won’t though.

Anyway, I had a nice new year – I rang it in with a bunch of friends. We played board games, they played Shadowrun, and I played some Overwatch with a buddy since it was his birthday! A good night was had.

Thus far in the new year I’ve been pretty lazy. I haven’t done an incredible amount of writing. But I think the recharge was needed. Now it’s time to dive back in!

We’re going to continue my new year’s trend with goals for 2017 and some more facts about me!

Let’s start with goals – I’ve learned to be reasonable with what I plan for myself. If I get my expectations too high, I get very discouraged.

2017 Goals

  1. Keep on keepin’ on
  2. Finish and publish Opus Requiem this year
  3. Complete mana project (the visual novel)
  4. Start some new projects
  5. Try and keep to my exercise plan
  6. Hopefully grow my Patreon
  7. Keep making time for myself

They’re pretty simple. I’m not going to hold myself to a blog a week or x amount of novels written in 2017. I just want to keep writing and improving. Mostly though? I want to keep being happy.

Facts about the Starving Writer

The more years I do this, the more difficult it is to actually get facts. Though – I’ve changed a lot since I started doing this. That makes things a bit easier.

  1. The one thing that has remained the same since 2006 – I am perpetually craving new tattoos.
  2. I go through cycles where I have a decent sleep schedule and progressively wreck it until I’m up every day until 6 am. I fix it – and then it happens again.
  3. My boyfriend and I collect anime figures. We might have too many.
  4. I am one of the most disorganized people in terms of keeping things clean. Unless it pertains to my writing. Then things are pretty neatly organized!
  5. There’s still part of me that toys going back to school – but at this point, I don’t know for what. It would have to further my career, though.
  6. I’m not very good at making time for myself – I’m the type to keep pushing to do more work even when I’m tired or have already done a lot of work.
  7. I have the bad habit of starting games and then coming back to them months later. Sometimes I have to restart because I don’t remember the battle controls
  8. I am incapable of playing FPS on PC with a keyboard and mouse. I learned FPS with a controller first…so therefore…
  9. The current obsession is a toss-up between Fate series and Overwatch, which is a really weird and interesting combination
  10. Noting Overwatch: I went in thinking that I’d main McCree and Genji. I main Hanzo and Tracer. Though I’m working on playing as everyone!

So that’s it for now!

If you’re curious as to what I’ve been up to…

That’s from last night~

Happy new year guys!

and happy writing!



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