Upcoming Projects: AKA what do I do when I finish Opus

mccree_write1Hey all! This feels like a bit of a ‘cheat’ post. I have the entire ‘My Current Writing Projects and Issues‘ series, after all. But this feels a little different to me. For the first time in, well, what feels like forever…Opus isn’t going to be the bulk of my current writing projects. Once Opus Requiem is done, it goes off to beta-readers. Of course, I’ll need to do another draft, but that always goes faster for me. Always.

That means its time to move on to my next projects…and that’s a little scary, actually.

Each time I think of ending the Opus series my chest gets tight and I can almost feel myself tearing up. As I look at the scenes I have left to write all I can think is ‘I’m not ready for this‘. That’s not going to stop me from writing it, obviously. I’m probably going to cry when I finish the draft though. It kind of feels like I’m leaving behind some very good friends.


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Writing Motivation Memes

youshouldbewritingHey all! Things are going relatively well over by me. I’m getting a good amount of writing done, I made some new shirt designs and have ideas for more, and it’s time for me to start playing some new video games. I’ve been working on this post for nearly a month now – you know – that whole ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ thing. And then it winds up four weeks later and you feel like a complete jerk/idiot/other insult. I’ve been caught up in a few things – the biggest being me prepping Opus Crescendo for publication (more on that after the post).

Anyway, writing motivation memes are something I’ve loved for a long time. I’ve mentioned before that I’m motivated by positivity rather than negative things. Those programs that start making annoying sounds or shutting down extraneous programs when you start losing focus? Nah. those aren’t for me. As a note, today’s post is going to be image heavy!

writing memes that motivate me

I’ve always been a fan of the ‘you should be writing’ sort of posts.

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