Writing Motivation Memes

youshouldbewritingHey all! Things are going relatively well over by me. I’m getting a good amount of writing done, I made some new shirt designs and have ideas for more, and it’s time for me to start playing some new video games. I’ve been working on this post for nearly a month now – you know – that whole ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ thing. And then it winds up four weeks later and you feel like a complete jerk/idiot/other insult. I’ve been caught up in a few things – the biggest being me prepping Opus Crescendo for publication (more on that after the post).

Anyway, writing motivation memes are something I’ve loved for a long time. I’ve mentioned before that I’m motivated by positivity rather than negative things. Those programs that start making annoying sounds or shutting down extraneous programs when you start losing focus? Nah. those aren’t for me. As a note, today’s post is going to be image heavy!

writing memes that motivate me

I’ve always been a fan of the ‘you should be writing’ sort of posts.

They’ve come in and out of fashion – but I’ve always found them motivating in the gentle sort of way. They’re telling you to write, but they aren’t punishing you for not writing. One of my backgrounds on my computer is a ‘you should be writing’ one.

One of the big reasons I like them is because they make me laugh. There’s such a huge variety in types and its great.


Even just searching ‘you should be writing’ on google gets you tons of responses. Incidentally, one of those is the meme that happens to be my computer background. But this is limiting things to ‘you should be writing’, which is only part of writing motivation.

It all really depends on what kind of flavor you want, right? Not everyone responds to the same things. Some people want to see the ‘you should be writing’ from their favorite author or actor or in general. Others want something more along the lines of inspirational words.


I’m pretty sure I just googled ‘writing motivation meme’ to find all of these. Some of them are more inspirational, some of them remind you that you don’t need to be perfect. Basically, there’s a little bit in there for everyone. I used to be really fond of Writer Leopard, but the tumblr has been inactive for two years now.

I guess what I’m getting at is that everyone needs encouragement and sometimes your writing buddies are busy. Sometimes you have to find your own encouragement or inspiration or whatever. Something to keep the words going or to remind you that other people struggle just as much with words. At that, writing is one of those careers that can feel really lonely and isolated – so seeing the memes can remind you that you aren’t alone.

I just happen to find all of that in memes. I’ve even made a few of my own. Though more recently I’ve started straying away from the general ‘you should be writing’ format. Sometimes the best thing to get you moving on your writing is a swift kick in the rear. I guess that’s where I’m getting inspiration for the memes I’ve made.

So here are the ones I’ve made!

Gilgamesh, from the Fate series, reminds you that you should, in fact, be writing.

gilga_write_1 gilga_write_2

Hanzo, from Overwatch, also reminds you that you should be writing.

hanzo_write1 hanzo_write2

McCree, also from Overwatch, reminds you a bit more gently about the whole writing thing.

mccree_write1 mccree_write2

I might be having too much making the memes. They make me giggle. Even if I’m having some of my favorite characters threatening me to write faster. You know. Like you do.

So this type of thing is one of the ways I keep myself going with writing. I figured I’d share because, well, if it helps me, it might help one of you guys too!

Hey remember how I mentioned Opus Crescendo…?

And that whole getting things ready for publication thing?

crescendo1 crescendo2

This is the proof copy. You know what that means? The book is very, very close to being released. I’m just going through the last changes in the manuscript and getting everything ready for Kindle, SmashWords, and CreateSpace.

I’ll have information about pre-orders and release dates up very soon. I’m really excited to be getting this book out. I really wanted to have it out in 2015…and then 2016…but that wasn’t in the cards. But…waiting was probably a good idea. The manuscript feels stronger.

And Opus Requiem is almost done being written too. So…maybe that’ll get put out in 2017 as well. Who knows!

But yeah. Exciting times are coming up.

Happy writing, everyone!



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