Upcoming Projects: AKA what do I do when I finish Opus

mccree_write1Hey all! This feels like a bit of a ‘cheat’ post. I have the entire ‘My Current Writing Projects and Issues‘ series, after all. But this feels a little different to me. For the first time in, well, what feels like forever…Opus isn’t going to be the bulk of my current writing projects. Once Opus Requiem is done, it goes off to beta-readers. Of course, I’ll need to do another draft, but that always goes faster for me. Always.

That means its time to move on to my next projects…and that’s a little scary, actually.

Each time I think of ending the Opus series my chest gets tight and I can almost feel myself tearing up. As I look at the scenes I have left to write all I can think is ‘I’m not ready for this‘. That’s not going to stop me from writing it, obviously. I’m probably going to cry when I finish the draft though. It kind of feels like I’m leaving behind some very good friends.


Thinking of the next project to work on post-Opus has been difficult. I’ve always worked on multiple things at once since I have no self control when it comes to stories…but picking what to focus on is hard.

Cheshire/Convergence Point 2

Like I mentioned in my last ‘Current Writing Projects’ post, these are two separate projects that are very tied together. I’ll be working on Cheshire’s story a bit more seriously now, I think. Though…I might need a small break from the Opus universe in general. We’ll see. Oh…Cheshire’s story might be called ‘Karmic Convergence’. I think that is catchy…and it suits him. In a way.

I’m looking forward to getting to know characters that I’ve had for years and years but haven’t had a huge amount of chance to work with. Several of the characters in Cheshire’s backstory show up in Opus Requiem though~ It’s a bit of a sneak peek.

Convergence Point 2 has been in the works since before I finished the first Convergence Point. It’s weird to think of that. I think its going to change a lot…I think the antagonist has gotten a lot more sympathetic. Or at least I feel for him. It still falls under ‘cool motive, still murder’ though. Or still illegal.

mana of silent sins

This is going to be worked on no matter what. And I’m super excited to be working on this. REALLY super excited. There’s a lot of exciting things going on with this that I can’t get into yet.

I’m still really surprised that I can, in fact, handle writing a story with diverging story lines. I never thought it was something that I’d be capable of – I thought my focus issues would make it impossible. I guess I was wrong.

I’m still in the outlining stage for this project – but the outlines are beefy as hell. I’m pretty sure one of the route outlines is 27k. BUT I’m being really wordy in my outlines. I want to be sure I know what’s going on and that my editor has a good idea of how things are going to play out.

I’m currently working on one of the most backstory-heavy routes right now. It’s hard, but I’m glad to be working on it. I’m excited. They’re fun characters to work with. And it’s a challenge!

Various Fanwork Projects

I have a few fanfiction projects lined up for the future as well. I currently have ‘sins of a cybernetic empire‘ running on my Patreon and AO3. I’m halfway-ish through the outline of that – but I admit that I play fast and loose with the outline. I’ve already combined a handful of chapters into one and might add in a chapter or two. The projected length is still somewhere around 65k.

Outside of that, there’s an Overwatch fanfic that got inspired by this (currently) patron only post on my Patreon. Overwatch in the Fate universe? Don’t mind if I do. Be prepared for angst, though.

I have a couple other long fanfictions outlined as well, but we’ll see if those come to fruition.

And there’s the multitude of short fanfics I put out as well. Oops?


This is an idea that grabbed onto me a couple days ago that I’ve been slowly hashing out in my notebook. I have a main character in mind and a pretty good idea of how I want the story going already. I just haven’t written it out yet.

I actually have ideas for the start of the book already, which is weird?

I’m not sure if this will be a standalone or if it will be a series. At this point, it feels like it could be either one. It just depends on how many unexpected things arise while I’m working.

This is hopefully the story that allows me to play with the magic/technology universe that I’ve wanted to play with for ages and ages. It cannibalizes ideas from a few other stories of mine that haven’t panned out.

This might be what I focus on post-Requiem. We shall see!

Various OLD Projects

I’m a fan for revisiting my old work, as I’m sure we figured out from the whole ‘Your Writing through the Years‘ thing. Looking back on your old work can make you see how far you’ve come.

It also lets you know what kind of ideas you were working with then. Sometimes the ideas you had then were too ambitious for someone who was, I don’t know, 15. But now that you have more experience…well…you might be able to do that story justice now.

I feel this way about a few of my old projects. I really want to get back to them and see what I can do with them now that I have a better technical understanding of writing. So you might wind up seeing things from super old projects getting reworked into something new and cool.


I’m still not sure which of these I’m going to work on first. Or if I’m going to handle them all at once. I still feel a bit lost about what I’m supposed to do after Opus Requiem, even though I have several ideas.

I’ll give thoughts on how it feels to finish up a series soon. Expect that it will be me pining for my characters.

Happy writing, everyone.



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