Announcements, Accomplishments, and All That Jazz

writingHey all! Things have been going good in my neck of the woods. Good but busy! I’ve been working hard on Opus Requiem and currently am in the last three chapters. It’s really weird to be finishing the entire series up. I’ve also been preparing for the convention I’m going to be at next week (Naka-Kon, for those who are interested). I decided a bit ago that I was going to crochet one of my props for a casual costume. Of course I’ve waited until the last minute, right? But who doesn’t need a four foot long noodle dragon?

I’ve also learned that I will never make a four foot long noodle dragon as a commission for anyone ever.



Onto the meaty bits of the post~

Opus Crescendo Release Date


Alright all – I’m setting Opus Crescendo’s release date as March 29th. Pre-orders will be up on SmashWords within the next couple days – I will make a post when they are open. I’ll also be making a Facebook event for the digital release of the book. I’m thinking of doing a giveaway during the event of an ebook copy (or copies) and a giveaway of a signed physical copy.

One Year on Patreon


It’s hard to believe that I’ve been on Patreon for a year now! I really want to do something special for my Patrons, I’m just not sure what yet. Maybe a video or something like that. I’m so glad that I decided to give Patreon another chance…and I’m so grateful that there are people out there who want to support me and my creative ventures. Thank you so much.

On the note of Patreon though…

One of the biggest notes is that I’m currently $1 shy of my first goal! At this goal ($100 a month), a Patreon exclusive serial will unlock. This would be a series of one shot stories – the first set will be dealing with all of the Opera from Project Maestro. Meaning, there would be 13 stories in total for that series. I’d post one or two stories a month – sometimes more, sometimes less. Depends on how busy I get! Once the Opus set is completed, I’d move on to another set of characters.

Also! Suggestion posts are up on Patreon now. Check out the posts for writing tips, long fanfiction, and short fanfiction.

Again, I’m so grateful that I’ve gotten to this point. And I’m really excited to get that serial started. I’ve been really excited about it for some time now. Here’s to hoping that I can start it this month!

Thank so you much

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me through all the years. Thank you to those who have decided to support me on Patreon. I’m really so, so grateful to all of you.

Here’s to another year of creativity, success, and writing!



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