Opus Crescendo Release Party (and other Opus related things)

Hey all! There’s a lot of announcement posts this month. I guess it’s just that kind of month, huh? The big event that’s coming up is the Opus Crescendo Release Party! The event is FREE and ONLINE and lasts several hours. This means that you don’t have to be there the whole time. Stop in for a few minutes, or hang out the whole time. Either way, I appreciate your support!

So come check it out! March 29th from 4pm-12am. I might even go pop onto Twitch and play Overwatch while answering questions, write and answer questions, just have the webcam on, or any combination of those. I’ll also be reading some excerpts from the book!

Digital copies of Opus Crescendo are up for PRE-ORDER on both Amazon and Smashwords.

Giveaways will be done throughout the night and will include digital copies of my books and might include HARD copies of them and maybe even t-shirts from my Redbubble store. We shall see on that. But definitely digital copies of the books!

And in the non-Opus Crescendo related news…well…I finished writing the first draft of Opus Requiem on Thursday.

finishing a series

Last year around this time (wow, nearly a year exactly), I wrote a post called ‘Thoughts on Writing the Last Book in a Series.’ I didn’t really go over what I wanted to in there…I wound up focusing on the technical aspects of writing a series, which while important, wasn’t the feel I wanted to have for the post. I mentioned that I might feel melancholic upon finishing, which I suppose is the word that I’d use to explain it.

It’s bittersweet.

I know that I’m supposed to be happy. I know that this is a huge accomplishment. Completing a novel is cause for happiness, completing a series should be cause for elation.

Yet I sat there with the last sentence written out and the cursor blinking at me and could only think fuck.

I know I have my revision for Opus Requiem coming up in the future…but that isn’t the same.

It feels like my journey with these characters is done. These characters and I…we’ve been together for a long time. I started working on the Opus series in 2009 and now it’s 2017. It’s about 8 years and one month since I started it.

That’s a long time with characters. That’s a long time to get used to having something in your life. Imagine having something there for 8 years and then suddenly its done. And the next time you see it, it’s going to be in a very different light.

It’s similar to the feeling I’ve had when finishing long, involved video games, or really good books. Because the story is done. Sure, you can replay it, but the excitement and wonder of newly exploring a world is gone.

So it’s a very confusing, mixed feeling.

in conclusion…

I’m going to be looking for beta-readers for Opus Requiem. There’s a few people I have in mind. I just want to make sure they have time to actually get through the other books in the series!

The next book release is going to be big – since it’ll be both Opus Requiem AND the Opus series omnibus. I’m excited (and a bit sad) for it.

So, hope to see you on Wednesday at my release party! It’ll be fun~

Happy writing


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