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Opus Crescendo is out now!


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In penance for trying to change the status quo, John Stratton is tasked with building a program for training teenaged, enhanced assassins with AIs from the ground up. Project Maestro. His obedience wavers when one of the candidates hits a little too close to home. The fire is back. And this time he is determined to succeed.

Light Morrison accepts the offer from Project Maestro in hopes of finding a challenge. Everything is going well at first – he’s made friends with Aria and Jinto, the curriculum is difficult, and the new environment is doing him wonders. The true nature of Project Maestro is revealed and despite disliking what he’ll do, Light goes along with it. That is until he, Aria, and Jinto discover information that changes everything.

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Things You Should Consider Before Self-Publishing

gil_mistakeHey all! Things are going well and I’m starting to get really excited for NaNoWriMo! It’s going to be interesting finishing out the last book in a series. I’m kind of afraid to, to be honest. There’s a lot of years and effort going into that one big project. On the other hand, I’m really excited because once I’m done with Opus Requiem, I get to move on to other projects and explore new worlds and create more characters. Bittersweet, I suppose. But I always have so many ideas, so moving on to new things will be good in the long run, I’m sure of it.

Anyway, today’s post kind of relates to that in that it relates to self-publishing in general. I’m the first to say that self-publishing wasn’t my first choice for getting into the writing world. I was hoping to burst onto the scene with a literary agent and a big contract and all sorts of things. But, well, that didn’t happen. I did submit to literary agents and heard nothing back.

This put a damper on my mood for a bit. After all, being rejected sucks!

But eventually, I started getting prodded toward the idea of self-publishing by my mom’s friend. She had a friend who was self-publishing and doing alright for herself. So I figured ‘why not’.

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Kindle Steals: Girl Behind Glass

PrintHey All! It’s a new month, that means its time for a new book to review!  As I’ve said before, if you have a book you’d like me to review, just contact me at laura.lemke88@gmail.com.  I appreciate input on what to read!  It’s always hard to choose a book to review.  This month I chose Girl Behind Glass by Abby Wilder.

Girl Behind Glass follows Willow Stanton, a sixteen year old girl who lives in a place called Nuovo.  There aren’t trees or animals and food is scarce, as is water.  People consume nutrition pills to survive and a product called sustain.  They live in a domed city to separate nature and people, since people are what destroyed nature.  Willow’s every day life spirals out of control, leading to a situation where she is dangling on the wrong side of the glass.  She lets go and finds herself in the world of mudders – those who live outside the dome. Continue reading