Announcement: Wisconsin’s Emerging Writers, an anthology of fiction



Hey all! Long time no talk. I’ve been wanting to scream about an exciting thing for the last month or so and I can finally mention it now. Back in May, I submitted a short story  or an anthology featuring upcoming Wisconsin writers.I submitted while I was at a convention and promptly got distracted by said convention and basically forgot that I submitted anything at all.

Now we fast forward a bit…and…

I can finally announce that my short story – Into the Void – is being published in Z Publishing‘s anthology ‘Wisconsin’s Emerging Writers: an anthology of fiction.’ I’m honored to be included! They were a joy to work with and I’m really excited to see the final product in print. The pre-order for the anthology can be found HERE. The official publication date is August 28th. 

Check out their Facebook page as well!

Check it out and support some upcoming Wisconsin authors!





Writer Woes: naming characters

Hey all! Long time, no talk. Welcome to 2018, I guess. Things have been going pretty well in my neck of the woods – AT LEAST THEY WERE UNTIL MY PHONE CROAKED. But that’s beside the point.

I’ve been getting a lot of writing done in both my professional projects and my fanwork ones. I’m procrastinating a little on some things, which I apologize for. I’m in the process of updating everything on this blog and my main webpage – photobucket decided that they don’t host images for free which was the whole point of them. I’ve been using photobucket for well over a decade and now I have to find something else. Thankfully, WordPress has space built in. So pardon the ugliness, I’m working on it.

(I’ll also be including the 10 facts about me and some goals at the end of this since that’s a tradition for the first post of a new year)

Anyway, there are a lot of things that plague writers. Writers block, not enough time in the day, characters not cooperating, too many ideas, not enough ideas; the list goes on and on. But one of the ones that drives me up a wall is naming characters.

I hate it.

I hate naming characters.

And I freely admit that.

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2017: a year of writing progress in review

Hey all! It’s been a crazy year in many ways and I’ve neglected this blog more than I should. I like doing this sort of thing, a year in review. Even if I haven’t been active on here, I’ve been really active with writing in general. And it’s nice to share what I’ve been up to.

2017 has been an incredibly productive year for me. After having so many setbacks in writing in the last couple years, this year was incredibly needed. Well, at least I perceived them as setbacks. I felt slow and sluggish in writing…like I was stuck. Now I don’t feel so stuck. I actually feel like I’m kind of successful. Less in the sense of “WOW I’M ROLLING IN MONEY” and more in the sense of “hey I feel a sense of accomplishment.”

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