Opus Aria





The sky is burned to orange and society has fragmented. Anyone that is not fully human is ostracized or worse. Aria Brayton, age twenty-three, is an Opus, a high skilled and genetically enhanced assassin with an AI. She has been on the run from the government and Project Maestro, the place that made her what she is, for the past three years. A wanted poster for her arrest and a group of people with AIs chasing after her spark her journey back to Project Maestro. She must put aside her past in order to help out the man in charge of the program, Major John Stratton. Tragedy, a desire to protect her sister, and an escalating issue with the group called Fugue cause Aria to face them alone, at great cost to her and her AI Piano.

Opus Aria hard copies can be purchased from the LL Lemke Webstore and Amazon.  Copies for Kindle can also be purchased from Amazon.


“There are many classic Cyberpunk elements. A digital world where AIs speak to their humans. A dystopia where the sky is burning and the government is everywhere. I cannot go into too much without giving a lot away, but trust me when I say it is worth the read, and worth the buy. I was entertained from start to finish, even during one amazing scene where I could not stop reading.”
-Amazon reviewer 14 to Jericho

“The modifications the author made to our existing culture and society are eerily plausible. That realization colors the entire story and makes it resonate on a deeper level than most.”
-Amazon reviewer DeeDee

“From the start of this novel I was immediately hooked. The characters are brilliantly written and each one of them is unique. I won’t go into too many details about the story, but it’s cleverly written and keeps the reader on their feet. You’re never quite certain who the real enemy to the main character is. The abilities of the characters are well thought out and are shown in detail that makes it clear to the reader that the Opus know what they’re doing. Each of the A.I’s attached to the characters have their own personalities and quirks that makes for an even more intriguing cast of characters.”
-Amazon reviewer Claude Ashton


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