on productivity, novels, and realizations

Hey all! Things are going pretty well out in my neck of the woods, though I guess it’s been awhile since I worked on this post as, well, I started it in February. I had laryngitis around then, really nasty case, I sounded great. Now though? Depression is kind of kicking my ass.

But I’ve been hard at work these past few months! In fact, despite having fewer days, February has had more words written during it than January did. So I think that means I’m getting back into the swing of things. March was really great in terms of productivity as well – I even published Opus Crescendo! April has been a bit rockier because of conventions, depression, and various other things.

Productivity, novels, and realizations though. That’s the topic today. It’s pretty broad, and I’m pretty sure that I had other things in mind when I started writing this. Unfortunately, my short term memory is crappy and I didn’t write down what I intended to go through. So now you guys get today’s interpretation of this blog.
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Creativity and Dealing with ADD

toomanybooksHey all!  I’m still working on getting my act together for writing and posting and all of that.  This blog post is going to be me talking about some things that I’ve not really talked to people about in a long time.  Mainly because I thought I had things under control (spoiler alert: I totally didn’t) and because I didn’t think it was anyone else’s business but my own.

Alright.  I was diagnosed with ADD (or inattentive ADHD as they call it nowadays) when I was about thirteen years old.  I was on medication until I was fifteen years old.  I made the decision to stop then because I was hitting that ‘too underweight’ point and I didn’t like how I felt anymore.  For explanation purposes, lets just say that I felt more like a zombie than a fifteen year old girl.  I’ve been unmedicated for about ten years now.  I’ve been really struggling with the symptoms for awhile now and once I have insurance, I’ll likely be going back on medication because I’m tired of letting this interfere with my daily and professional life.  For note, I touched on my ADD back in August of 2013, in this post.

So we’ll get the disclaimer out of the way.  I’m not speaking for everyone with ADD/ADHD.  I’m speaking on my own personal issues and difficulties coping with this.  

That being said…lets move on.

ADHD isn’t all bad

It really isn’t.  Sometimes I like it, or at least appreciate that my brain functions in a different way than most people’s.  I feel like it helps me see things that others might not be able to see, find interesting solutions for problems, or just point out issues with various things that might not have been noticed by someone who’s brain functions more typically. Continue reading