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Opus Crescendo is out now!


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In penance for trying to change the status quo, John Stratton is tasked with building a program for training teenaged, enhanced assassins with AIs from the ground up. Project Maestro. His obedience wavers when one of the candidates hits a little too close to home. The fire is back. And this time he is determined to succeed.

Light Morrison accepts the offer from Project Maestro in hopes of finding a challenge. Everything is going well at first – he’s made friends with Aria and Jinto, the curriculum is difficult, and the new environment is doing him wonders. The true nature of Project Maestro is revealed and despite disliking what he’ll do, Light goes along with it. That is until he, Aria, and Jinto discover information that changes everything.

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Rants From a Starving Writer: Convergence Point Excerpt



Amazon Reviews to Win Some Books!



I’ve been thinking about ways to get more reviews – because reviews make the world go round in the world of writing.  They’re what help people determine if they want to buy the book!  I always check the reviews on Amazon to see what others have thought of books.  So I thought I might give you guys, the readers, some incentive.

How does it sound to review the novels…and have the chance at winning signed copies of both AND a signed copy of Convergence Point?

Because that’s what I’m going to do.


1. Read the book.  While I appreciate reviews, I want them from people who have actually read the books.

2. Be honest in the review – let the reader know what you thought! I appreciate honest critique!

3. One review per book.  Please don’t use multiple accounts to get more entries. You get two entries if you review both books.

4. You must have a public email on your account for me to contact you if you win.

5. You must be willing to give me your address so I can ship the books to you.


1st Prize: You will get a signed hard copy of Opus Aria, Opus Prelude, AND Convergence Point.

2nd Prize: You will get a signed hard copy of two of the above mentioned books.

3rd Prize: You will get a signed copy of one of the above mentioned books.


-The contest will run from now until Convergence Point is released – which is in December.  That gives plenty of time for people who HAVEN’T read the books, to READ the books!

-I will be using random.org’s list randomizer feature to determine the winners.

-My books can be found here

-I will count all reviews on the books – but only the ones that have public emails.

-I will announce the winners AFTER Convergence Point has been released.

-I will email the top 3 to let them know they have won.  If someone doesn’t respond within a week, I will move down the list to the next name.

-if you have any questions, you can contact me at laura.lemke88(at)gmail.com

I will update this post if I think I’ve missed anything.

Thanks guys, you’re all the best.
~LL Lemke