Announcements, Accomplishments, and All That Jazz

writingHey all! Things have been going good in my neck of the woods. Good but busy! I’ve been working hard on Opus Requiem and currently am in the last three chapters. It’s really weird to be finishing the entire series up. I’ve also been preparing for the convention I’m going to be at next week (Naka-Kon, for those who are interested). I decided a bit ago that I was going to crochet one of my props for a casual costume. Of course I’ve waited until the last minute, right? But who doesn’t need a four foot long noodle dragon?

I’ve also learned that I will never make a four foot long noodle dragon as a commission for anyone ever.



Onto the meaty bits of the post~

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Long Fanfiction Voting

fanfictionHey all! This post is pretty self-explanatory. I have the long fanfiction ideas up on my Patreon. Anyone can leave input on what they want to see first, but Patrons will be taken into consideration first. Patrons will be seeing the work a few days earlier, then the posts will be made public and posted on A03 (and possibly WattPad).

I’m going to put the summaries and projected lengths on here, but if you’re going to vote and able to vote on Patreon, please do so! I want to keep everything in the same place so I can be organized. Here is a link to the voting page.

If you don’t have a Patreon account, feel free to vote on this post. Thanks in advance!

Lengths of actual fic will vary on how carried away I get on scenes, haha.

So! Here they are~


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August Patreon Suggestions Open!

patreon_image2It’s that time again! Writing post suggestions are open on my Patreon. You don’t have to be supporting me on there to give suggestions. And don’t worry – the suggestions are for both premium posts (I’ll be taking from the Patron suggestions for those) and for posts here.

I’m not saying I’m out of ideas – on the contrary! I have a lot of posts in my draft folder and think up more and more new ones. I just like to get feedback on what others want to see. So drop by my Patreon and leave some suggestions!

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