Kindle Steals: Rewritten II: Veracity

rewritten_ii__veracity_cover_by_shattered_earth-d6jqae1Hey all! I’m trying to get back up in the saddle for the blogging thing.  I really do have  bunch of them lined up.  I think there’s over ten in my saved drafts.  Some of which I’ve been working on since JANUARY.  Really, the focus issues are doing fine, right? NO.

Its been awhile since I’ve had two book reviews in a row.  July 2013 I think, right after I got my Kindle.

And this is a first for my reviews!  As the cover art says, Rewritten II: Veracity, this book is the follow up to Rewritten I: Fallacy.

So I’m going to go ahead and do this now, if you’ve not read the first book, go read it, it’s amazing.  Then read Veracity and come read this blog.  There may be spoilers for both books after this point, tread with caution. Continue reading


Kindle Steals: Rewritten 1: Fallacy

rewrittenHey all! NaNoWriMo continues to go well.  I figured I’d try to keep life as normal as possible this month – so I’m continuing to do regular blog posts as well.  I even managed to get READING done!  It was a treat for doing so well on word count this year, to be honest, but still.  I’m happy to have done READING.


A few months back, a friend on tumblr was posting about an author friend needing help getting word out about their novels.  As I’m also an author, I love to support indie authors – so I kept reblogging and spreading the word to my few followers.

I also decided that I’d read the first book in their series to see if I like it.


I require the next books now.

I mean it. NOW.

Rewritten 1: Fallacy

So, I figured I’d let the description from Amazon tell us some about the book.

“Born to the vivid heat and unyielding sunlight of Phoenix, Ray dives into her pool and surfaces in a cold lake.

There is no sun in Qol. She has no family. Ray has never existed–only Laenyn.

Or so the mad scientist claims. But her younger sister, older and yet smaller than she ought to be, seems to remember their life rather differently…

In the world of Rewritten, information is hoarded. Any false move or lapse of judgment could have dreadful ramifications. Each character has their own lies to tell and secrets to keep, and the struggle to cooperate despite drastic differences in their own perceptions of their world and situation sends every one of them into danger.”

That managed to hook me. Continue reading

Convergence Point: COVER REVEAL!

Convergence Point: where worlds meet

Convergence_Point_CoverI am pleased to release the cover of Convergence Point: where worlds meet.  The art was done by the lovely emptycicada on tumblr.

This novel is due out in December – likely the 16th.

Here’s a description!

Karmalink – a mere mention of the name sends the internet into a frenzy.  People say that the organization deals with the growing psychic portion of the population. There are whispers that Karmalink deals with anything that the government wants to cover up.  Everything changes for one girl when she unwittingly stumbles onto the location of the mysterious organization.

Celia Grey – a powerful psychic – has a boring, average existence.  She leaves her comfortable life as a graphic designer when she discovers the coordinates for Karmalink.  Nathaniel Harper and a man who only goes by Cheshire give her a choice: go home and never speak of what she saw, or work at Karmalink.

She chooses to work at Karmalink, of course.

Celia finds out the world is far larger than she could have ever imagined.  Between scavenging for technology to protect their universe and encounters with otherworldly beings, life at Karmalink is beyond busy.  Their adventures turn darker when the past of one of the team members catches up with them.

~LL Lemke