Kindle Steals: Girl Behind Glass

PrintHey All! It’s a new month, that means its time for a new book to review!  As I’ve said before, if you have a book you’d like me to review, just contact me at  I appreciate input on what to read!  It’s always hard to choose a book to review.  This month I chose Girl Behind Glass by Abby Wilder.

Girl Behind Glass follows Willow Stanton, a sixteen year old girl who lives in a place called Nuovo.  There aren’t trees or animals and food is scarce, as is water.  People consume nutrition pills to survive and a product called sustain.  They live in a domed city to separate nature and people, since people are what destroyed nature.  Willow’s every day life spirals out of control, leading to a situation where she is dangling on the wrong side of the glass.  She lets go and finds herself in the world of mudders – those who live outside the dome. Continue reading


Kindle Steals: The Emperor’s Edge

emperorsHey all! This book was recommended to me by my friend Morgan.  I was looking for ebook/indie book suggestions since it can be extremely difficult to find a book that I actually want to read, even with Amazon’s HUGE library.  Thankfully, Morgan saved the day and made it easier for me!  That being said, feel free to send me an email at if you have an ebook/indie book to suggest.

The Emperor’s Edge by Lindsay Buroker follows the story of Amaranthe Lokdon.  She’s one of the only female enforcers in the city she works in and she’s good at her job.  Her job is to take down petty thieves, deal with thugs, and keep the peace.  Her job gets more complicated when her higher-ups send her on a mission to deal with a renowned  assassin.  Despite knowing that it’s a poor choice to go through with it, Amaranthe follows her orders.  Among all of this is mystery and chaos. Continue reading

Kindle Steals: Halo

haloHey all!  Sometimes its really hard for me to pick which book to read and review for here.  I got about 30% into one book this month, stopped being interested, and started reading Halo by Frankie Rose a few minutes later.  I was hooked from the start.

Halo was initially published under the name Raksha in 2013.  The book starts with painting a dystopian society that is extremely different than ours.  There is a clear caste system in place – Falin, Elin, Therin, and Trues – I might be missing some.   Our main character doesn’t have a name, she is Falin Kitsch.  She fights in the Colloseum with other Falin and kills them for sport.  And she has a halo on her neck, a device that administers a drug that controls her emotions.  Everything she knows changes when she goes against her longtime training partner, Falin Asha.

I’m reluctant to say more than that, because of spoilers!

Continue reading