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Opus Crescendo is out now!


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In penance for trying to change the status quo, John Stratton is tasked with building a program for training teenaged, enhanced assassins with AIs from the ground up. Project Maestro. His obedience wavers when one of the candidates hits a little too close to home. The fire is back. And this time he is determined to succeed.

Light Morrison accepts the offer from Project Maestro in hopes of finding a challenge. Everything is going well at first – he’s made friends with Aria and Jinto, the curriculum is difficult, and the new environment is doing him wonders. The true nature of Project Maestro is revealed and despite disliking what he’ll do, Light goes along with it. That is until he, Aria, and Jinto discover information that changes everything.

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Kindle Steals: Freaks of Greenfield High

freaksofgreenfieldhighHey all!  Sometimes I have tons of trouble trying to figure out which book I want to review.  Sometimes I go through my Kindle and despite having hundreds of books, I sigh and need to go and find more.  This was one of those times.

Freaks of Greenfield High by Maree Anderson caught my attention because of its tagline – a cyborg love story.  I’ve heard of a few books exploring cyborgs and love, but none of them had really caught my attention.  I read the description and decided that yes, I would get this (FREE!) book.

Freaks of Greenfield High has two main protagonists – Jay (a cyborg lady) and Tyler (a social outcast teenage boy).  For the most part, we see Jay’s integration into high school life to better hide from the people who are chasing her.  While she’s a skilled mimic, she doesn’t really understand how to handle the advances of rudely flirtatious boys.  While they see each other briefly in the office before school, our protagonists don’t meet until their first period biology class over the dissection of a frog.  It gets a bit embarrassing from there – especially when Jay realizes that her emotions are evolving. Continue reading

Kindle Steals: Bobby Ether and the Academy

Bobby Ether and the Academy coverHey all!  Sorry for the radio silence on my end.  I’m still learning how to manage my novel writing, writing for GERM magazine, AND working at a martial arts school.  There’s a bit of a learning curve, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

I have a bunch of blogs planned too – I’ve just been a bit busy.  At least Opus Crescendo is finally coming together.  3000-4000 words written yesterday.  I call that success.

I usually find out about the books I read on my Kindle just by browsing Amazon and Smashwords.  I read through the description and then look at some of the high reviews and low reviews.  If there aren’t reviews and the book is free, I might get it anyway.

Bobby Ether and the Academy was brought to my attention in a different way.  Jennifer Niven contacted me and gave me R Scott Boyer’s email so I could ask if I wanted to review.  After hearing that it was “kind of like Harry Potter“, I was definitely willing to give it a chance.  We exchanged a few emails – and he was kind enough to send me a signed copy! Continue reading