Opus Crescendo Release Party (and other Opus related things)

Hey all! There’s a lot of announcement posts this month. I guess it’s just that kind of month, huh? The big event that’s coming up is the Opus Crescendo Release Party! The event is FREE and ONLINE and lasts several hours. This means that you don’t have to be there the whole time. Stop in for a few minutes, or hang out the whole time. Either way, I appreciate your support!

So come check it out! March 29th from 4pm-12am. I might even go pop onto Twitch and play Overwatch while answering questions, write and answer questions, just have the webcam on, or any combination of those. I’ll also be reading some excerpts from the book!

Digital copies of Opus Crescendo are up for PRE-ORDER on both Amazon and Smashwords.

Giveaways will be done throughout the night and will include digital copies of my books and might include HARD copies of them and maybe even t-shirts from my Redbubble store. We shall see on that. But definitely digital copies of the books!

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Announcements, Accomplishments, and All That Jazz

writingHey all! Things have been going good in my neck of the woods. Good but busy! I’ve been working hard on Opus Requiem and currently am in the last three chapters. It’s really weird to be finishing the entire series up. I’ve also been preparing for the convention I’m going to be at next week (Naka-Kon, for those who are interested). I decided a bit ago that I was going to crochet one of my props for a casual costume. Of course I’ve waited until the last minute, right? But who doesn’t need a four foot long noodle dragon?

I’ve also learned that I will never make a four foot long noodle dragon as a commission for anyone ever.



Onto the meaty bits of the post~

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Camp NaNoWriMo: guess I’m participating

camp nanoHey all! It’s been awhile since I’ve done Camp NaNoWriMo (2014, to be exact.) I really enjoyed the experience the first time around, it was a bit more lowkey, the cabins were fun, all sorts of things. What I liked the most? Being able to set my own word count goal. In 2014, I set the goal of 40k. I had the novel I was working on completely outlined, I think. I was able to gauge how many words I had left to write.

Camp NaNo helped me finish that novel. Granted, I’m going to be working that novel over from the ground up. I’m less than pleased with how the novel turned out. There were a lot of issues. But I’m glad that NaNoWriMo honed my focus onto that novel. It gave me tangible goals, I think.

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