Opus Crescendo Release Party (and other Opus related things)

Hey all! There’s a lot of announcement posts this month. I guess it’s just that kind of month, huh? The big event that’s coming up is the Opus Crescendo Release Party! The event is FREE and ONLINE and lasts several hours. This means that you don’t have to be there the whole time. Stop in for a few minutes, or hang out the whole time. Either way, I appreciate your support!

So come check it out! March 29th from 4pm-12am. I might even go pop onto Twitch and play Overwatch while answering questions, write and answer questions, just have the webcam on, or any combination of those. I’ll also be reading some excerpts from the book!

Digital copies of Opus Crescendo are up for PRE-ORDER on both Amazon and Smashwords.

Giveaways will be done throughout the night and will include digital copies of my books and might include HARD copies of them and maybe even t-shirts from my Redbubble store. We shall see on that. But definitely digital copies of the books!

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Hey all! It’s been a bit since I checked in, hasn’t it? March has been incredibly busy and I’m having trouble believing that it’s already the 20th. I went to NakaKon in Missouri earlier this month and had a blast. It was great going around with two of my best friends and, in general, being huge nerds. I also found out that I can write 7 handwritten pages in an hour when I really feel like it. Thank you Iron Fic for teaching me that!

A big thing happening at the end of this month (MARCH 29th to be specific), is the Opus Crescendo Online Release! Join me in celebrating the release of Opus Crescendo, my fourth book. There will be giveaways, Q&As, and much more! The link is for the Facebook event, which is where all of the aforementioned things will be happening. Feel free to spread it around. Sharing is caring!

I’ve also been very caught up in my writing as well as playing Overwatch. Not every day that I sit down to write a fanfic for a friend (as payment for a few things) that’s supposed to be 2500 words and wind up with over 9000 words of pain and suffering~

And sins of a cybernetic empire continues to update basically on schedule.

Basically, things have been busy.

My Patreon hit it’s first stretch goal this week too! I just about started crying from happiness, I’m very flattered and touched when people pledge to my campaign. With $100/month coming in now, a series of one shot stories about each of the Opera in my Opus series will be written. The stories are going to be PATREON EXCLUSIVE, so if you’re interested, be sure to check out my Patreon~


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Big Decisions on the Horizon

decisionsHey all.  Long time no see.  I’ve been a little scant on posting because of real life kicking my butt.  I’ve also been busy on Opus Crescendo.  And planning for NaNoWriMo.  And working at taekwondo.  And writing the newsletter. And articles for GERM.

But there are big decisions on the horizon for me.

You all know my book.  Opus Aria.  The one I’ve been promoting the past few years?  Yeah.  That one.

I’m not sure I’m happy with how I wrote it.  I’m happy with how I’m writing Opus Crescendo.  I’m happy with what I have planned for Opus Requiem.  And I’m really excited for the follow-up series.


You didn’t hear that part there.

A friend of mine suggested rewriting Opus Aria.

This really isn’t something I take lightly, because once something is published, I considered it published.  Maybe I’m maturing as a writer, maybe I’m getting indecisive about the quality of my work again.

But I’d probably feel better about the series if I rewrote Opus Aria.  And Prelude.  Which would probably be eaten by Opus Crescendo. Nom nom nom Prelude.

I could do the story better justice now.  The bigger thing?  There’s a huge difference in the writing styles in Opus Aria and Opus Crescendo.  I’ve grown a lot since I wrote Opus Aria.  I hadn’t really settled into a novel writing voice yet.  Now I have.  Now I want that voice in Opus Aria.

That’s the nice thing about self-publishing, I suppose.  I can go and change it easily.

What do you guys think?